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Are you ever drug tested as part of your job? Or it is solely being caught with the stuff and of course that will only be bad for your employment. Yeah PO boxes are a great suggestion (in your name). I have friends who get their stuff sent in other names but to their address (not that I rec that). If your just worried about having it seized etc you should be fine (they won't inform law enforcement and have people knocking at your door if it is). But of course it is better to be safe then sorry. I should add those same friends even use a bro's/mates card to order so it can never be tracked back to them. Before you say that is unfair on the bro/mate nothing happens if you are caught with a personal supply of gear. It is usually just the people who are tested or have certain jobs (good career) that have to ensure it can never be tracked to them. Hope it works out for you.

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