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Originally Posted by Elvia1023
Thanks Raj. Something you wrote really interested me. I had never heard of Melanotan. Elvia is my ex gf who was from Venezuela but sadly unlike her I have fairly pale skin (my name is Kev). I have never used any tanning products ever but Melanotan II really interests me. The look a good tan gives his great. I just briefly researched it but I would appreciate you sending me the source you use. I will do more research as it's past 4am here and I am off to bed. It did say Mel 1 carries less sides and is easier to use. But Mel 2 increases libido etc but the bad sides are much more apparant. Could you tell me what you experience on it and what dose you do? Do you use it at certain times in the year or throughout?

It sounds good cos I would imagine the tan would just be all over. Because when people use lotions their feet and hands look silly. I will defo have to order myself some but of course will do lots of research in it later. One thing that did sound bad was the freckles. I have a few freckles on my body and they can come out on my face so would they become more visible? Would that be temporary and they would fade away over time? Anyway I would appreciate your help.

Thanks for the list too. My next cycle is gonna be Sust, Dbol kickstart and Mast E or Eq (haven't decided).

You haven't tried tbol have you? I might do that instead of the dbol. I think i probably will and leave the dbol for when I do a cycle in the winter... plus wanna see what the tbol is like cos I hear great things. Thanks again

Ahh man Kev Tell me that isnt Elvia in your avatar. If so Im a jealous Bastid!

On the M2 I used it one time so far (last summer)
And the stuff absoloutley works!
Within 8 days I was Darker then Ive ever been in my life...Darker then the Dark skin people around here. Theres was No wondering if it worked!
I was already pretty Tanned up when I started it from working in the sun all day and aslo Using the tanning beds..This stuff though takes it to another level. Heres is how I used it-

Day1 .25 mg
Day2 .50 mg
day3 1mg
day4 1mg
day5 1mg
day6 1mg
day7 1mg
day8 1mg
Day9 1mg

That was it...By day 8 or 9 I was super Dark and stopped using it.
I didnt do any maintenance doses like some suggest But stayed dark for a good long while.

Now the downside...
It Made me feel like Crap! Even at a VERY small amount the first day I instantly felt my stomach cramp a bit and Face was Flush. The feeling went away quik But For the first 2-3 days I felt Like I was Carsick. Not unbearable
But deffinatley not an enjoyable feeling. It got better as time went on.

FReckles- They got darker, almost black. I had One or two new ones show up
But nothing that made me look bad or that bothered me.
They faded and the new ones that showed up went completley away a within a month or so after dropping it.
It also made my Lips turn a Bit purple! I may have overdone it a bit on the sun and tanning But I was set on getting DARK.

I think it works real good But theres a price to pay for it, feeling crappy.
Its not something id use year round But Ill sure use it again. I think it would be great for a special event or certain times Like Getting ready for a Vacation,Springbreak,wedding,BB Show or Photoshoot.... Something like that.

Mine came from

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