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Originally Posted by rAJJIN View Post
We have all seen the "fat guy"
Throwing heavy weight, doing partial reps. No visible veins or muscle seperation
but he thinks he is bad AF.

Then the Skinny but ripped guy. Can do 35 pull ups,
Every abb visible but damn boy you need to eat.

Somewhere in between guys (can) get to looking pretty bad ass.
Lol that's funny but so true!!!!!!! So iam 6ft1in right now iam 225 the heviest I ever got was 345 I was a fat junkie not proud of it went to jail for 4yrs and came out 195 ripped to shreds-I was the skinny guy doin 35 pull-ups LOL- been clean 7yrs now and look great for 50yrs old got a killer cycle planned I'll go up to 250 this summer and ripped I have my summer cycle same every yr been liften 33yrs I've done every compound I have the perfect cycle for me and it works very well once I get 2 months in on it I'll post picks on that thread
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