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Lightbulb 02-25-2008, 07:06 PM

It is up to you to decide whether or not the gains outweigh the risks...You have to reassess your situation, is what you have worth taking the chance in losing?! No matter how you order or obtain delivery, there will always be that chance on getting snagged...It may never happen, but it only takes once...PO Box, family name/addy, your home name/addy, work name/addy, etc. are all option when ordering, but through any means of ordering comes the chance on a flagged address or controlled delivery...Ultimately it's your choice and no matter what people tell you ("Oh, don't worry, they won't bust a small fish" OR "I've ordered thousands of times with no problems" OR "I've done this and I've done that...", etc, etc.), at the end of the day it's only your life and "materialistic free***s" that YOU have to weigh against the risks, and no one else on the internet can help you do that.....

If you're looking to do homework on the ordering/legal process, get yourself Legal Muscle by Rick Collins...If nothing else it's great reading.....

"Fear profits man nothing!"

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