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Syntherol Arm Log on trt
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Syntherol Arm Log on trt - 10-15-2017, 11:04 PM

Well not really trt but only 200mg test e per week. My plan is to grow on that dose over the next few months. I will be adding other aids in such as lr3, slin, hgh, des etc. I will need those other aids if I want to progress. The best I could do on the test only would be to basically maintain. I want to grow but stay relatively lean. That way when I blast again next year I should respond great to the added drugs. My diet will be 95% very clean and I will up my calories quite a lot so that way I can start dieting on the most calories possible next year.

I will start syntherol with 1ml in both bi-cep heads and 1ml in my tri-cep. I have no set plan other than to progressively increase the dose over time. I will dose my syntherol at least eod. I just had some before pics taken and will post them in the following post. I will post regular pics to show any changes made. Most of my arms injects will be with slin pins but I will rotate with other size pins.

My training will be as heavy as possible on my main lifts. Although I will be training each body part twice in rotation and the 2nd time of each will be more of a pump workout and no more than 2 exercises per body part. For heavy days I will perform 2-4 exercises and working sets for each of those exercises.

I personally don't believe in set routines as I like to listen to my body. I will have a set split but I don't place each training day on specific days of the week. So I will just go through my 5 training days and that could be me training 3-6 days per week. Although my issue is going to the gym too much so I will make sure I have the needed recovery.

I decided to incorporate pump style training for certain body parts mainly due to what I have experienced over the last few weeks. I have been on 200mg test for over 1 month and can notice a slight difference whilst training compared to my blast. If I put everything into a major body part I simply don't have the energy to do the same for another larger body part in the same session. So I will stick to 1 body part each day beyond complete failure and most of the other stuff will be pump/volume work. I 100% know adding in other parts will add to my results but I know I can't be training 100% for multiple body parts every day.

Besides this being an arm log the body part I want to improve the most training wise is my back width. That way when I diet down next year the added growth only adds to things when I have a much smaller waist. For the next few months I won't look my best but I am setting myself up to look my best ever next year. My training split will be:

Chest (heavy), tri-ceps and rear delts (mix of weights).

Quads (heavy), hamstrings and calves.

Back (heavy), chest (pump), biceps.

Shoulders (heavy) tri-ceps and quads (pump).

Hamstrings (heavy), calves and Back Width (Heavy)

Not all secondary body parts will be light weight. I will rotate things and go on how I feel that day. Most of my arms stuff will be higher rep as I believe limbs generally respond better to higher reps. Although it's in my nature to push things so nothing is a given. I don't plan to spend more than 1 hour in the gym at any given day.

At the moment I have a few other aids to play with during the next few months. I plan to incorporate igf-1 (both DES and LR3) during this cruise. I will be using 2iu HGH throughout the duration and also different insulin doses. At the moment I am dosing 5IU humalog pre workout and I plan to keep the doses low. I also have 10mg ACE-031 to experiment with. Plus 2 tubs of X-Factor (arachidonic acid) I will be adding in approx 1 month.

I cut on my last blast and here is where I ended up...

up load pictures

up load pictures

I injured my knee quite badly and couldn't train my legs for over 1 month but it feels ok now. I will also be using some healing peptides soon to help in that regard. I have been crusing for about 1 month and things are good. I had a deload period but been pushing the weights again so it's time to begin. Sorry for the long post but wanted to get the details in for before I start.

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