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Arimidex(anastrazole) when bulking Question
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Arimidex(anastrazole) when bulking Question - 01-22-2007, 05:14 PM

Hey Guys,

I am going to be doing my first cycle of 500mg test enth for 10 weeks(in april probably) and was going to use proviron at 25mg starting at the end of the 3rd week throughout the cycle . I now am able to get a hold of a good amount of arimidex 1mg pills(not the original from zeneca labs unfortunately) so i think am going to order the arimidex instead since bloating and tits are a major concern to me. I have a few questions maybe you guys can answer...

If i use arimidex , do i just wait until like the end of the 3rd week to begin using it since the test doesn't kick in until around them or does it take some time to begin working?

Do I run arimidex while I am using hcg the 9-11 weeks?(my original plan was to drop proviron on the 2 1/2 weeks that I would be using hcg and switch to nolvadex at 20mg instead)Should i just keep to that plan?

How much do i use of this stuff , like .25 a day? .5 every other day?

MAJOR QUESTION: when using such a strong anti estrogen as arimidex , how will the gains be , is it possible to gain 15-20 pounds after the cycle is over with? also, since their will be no water weight what you see on a cycle , what you get in the end after pct? my goal is to reach over 200 pounds( at around 165 right now at 5'5) in a year and a half so weight is a concern but i also don't want to be just a big bloated 200 pounder too ya know...

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01-22-2007, 05:55 PM

With Arimidex, the steroid profile says it has an active life of 4 to 6 hours. Thatís abunch of BS. Arimidex has a half-life of 50 hours and there are 5 half lifes in a drug cycle. You could get away with using 1mg every third day. If you took 1mg on Monday at 7am you will still have a little bit more then 0.5mg in your system at 7am on Wed. I always educate people on this as I see it everyday. If you are taking one tab, then two must be better is a motto I hate and I cant stand it. I only use Arimidex at the end of a cycle to wipe out as much of my excessive estrogen as I can. Some people use Nolvadex which will only block the estrogen at the receptor site, but you will still have a large amount of estrogen in your system and you run the risk of experience a rebound effect when coming off. I had great success of using Nolvadex for three weeks after starting my PCT and using Arimidex for the next two weeks.
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01-22-2007, 09:34 PM

Keep the proviron in my opinion AND the arimidex. The proviron will add a little kick to your cycle as well as it's strong AR binding and SBHG binding freeing up more test and helping with fat burning. The arimidex at .25-.5mg per day will help keep the bloat off/estrogen down and with the proviron you'll need a little less.

Start them both at the beginning - Your test levels will raise within days even though the anabolic effect takes awhile while your test builds to a very high level, it is still high enough that in may cause problems within days.

Run the arimidex while you run the hcg and taper the arimidex down to .25 eod to e3d days by week 13 and start the nolvadex at 20mg at week 13 and run for 3 weeks tapering down to 5mg before coming off (20mg/day for 18 days, 10mg for 3 days, and 5mg for 2 days - 22 days and 20 tabs total).

Running the Arimidex will not effect your muscle gains whatsoever at doses around and under 1mg using your aas's of choice. You will however not gain as much weight! because you will not gain the water weight, and therefore even though you'll gain less weight you will retain more compared for example (completely aribitory):

without arimidex
gain 20
keep 12

with arimidex
gain 15
keep 12

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