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Its been a long time
Posts: 2
Join Date: Mar 2004
Its been a long time - 01-24-2007, 01:24 PM

Hello all

Its been a long time since I posted and a lot has happened.

I bought a lot of gear and was getting ready to start a cycle over a year ago. Then I was injured badly in a car accident and haven’t been able to work out for a long long time. Before the accident I was 218 with bf of 9% all natural. I am 6’3” and 28 years old and since I haven’t been able to work and I was depressed….. I ballooned up to around 300 with a bf % that I am too scared to measure.

I am now eating clean and working again, plus doing my cardio 5X a weak. I am very familiar with dieting regimes and workout programs. However I am feel like a newbie again when it comes to steroids.

My goals are different now. Instead of being huge, I just want to be thin again. I seem to have hit a plateau with my weight loss at about 275. I am looking to get some cutting help. I am planning on doing a T3/Clen Cycle from aar…like the one I found in the forums.

Day 1 Clen 60mcg / T3 50mcg
Day 2 Clen 60mcg / T3 50mcg
Day 3 Clen 80mcg / T3 75mcg
Day 4 Clen 100mcg / T3 75mcg
Day 5 Clen 100mcg / T3 75mcg
Day 6 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
Day 7 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
Day 8 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day 9 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day10 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day11 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day12 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day13 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day14 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day15 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
Day16 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
Day17 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
Day18 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
Day19 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
Day20 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
Day21 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
Day22 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day23 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day24 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day25 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day26 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day27 Clen off / T3 125mcg
Day28 Clen off / T3 100mcg
Day29 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
Day30 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
Day31 Clen 120mcg / T3 75mcg
Day32 Clen 120mcg / T3 75mcg
Day33 Clen 120mcg / T3 75mcg
Day34 Clen 120mcg / T3 50mcg
Day35 Clen 120mcg / T3 50mcg
Day36 Clen off / T3 50mcg
Day37 Clen off / T3 50mcg
Day38 Clen off / T3 25mcg
Day39 Clen off / T3 25mcg
Day40 Clen off / T3 25mcg
Day41 Clen off / T3 25mcg
Day42 Clen off / T3 25mcg

I guess my question is since my goals are to simply get ripped again and I am completely at peace with losing significant muscle mass. What is the best way for me to do that?..... Should I do a mild anabolic like Winnie tablets with it or are there more things I should be taking to help lose the weight etc….

I didn’t want to bother anyone with a long post, but I couldn’t really find what I was looking for in the forums. Again I eat clean and do cardio 5X per week. Any help about how I could accelerate the process would be greatly appreciated….Thanks for your time…..and sorry for such a long post.
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Registered User
mike1991's Avatar
Posts: 240
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Mental Hospital
01-24-2007, 02:54 PM

I would throw some test prop in there with it.
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Big Danny
Posts: 1,038
Join Date: Sep 2006
01-24-2007, 07:00 PM

yes, I'll add some test too

Use code "Big Danny" to get 5% off your next Synthetek order!

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Posts: 2
Join Date: Mar 2004
01-24-2007, 08:35 PM

I really wanted to avoid any kind of water retention and bloating. I am no expert on test prop but most profiles read that is has high water retention. I have no problem doing a strong cycle once I can see my feet but for now the only thing I care about is getting ripped even with scarificing muscle. If there is something I can take that would help me stay hard without bloating I would love to know about..... a guy at the gym said its weak, but winnie would help....Thanks
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sublingual stud
Posts: 9
Join Date: Jan 2007
01-24-2007, 10:47 PM

I could be wrong too, but I thought I heard prop was actually one of the lowest at retaining water..... I am taking it now for the first time so in a few more weeks I should know for sure.
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