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Danger - Protect Yourself Online
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Danger - Protect Yourself Online - 05-06-2007, 01:28 PM

This is directly from our site. I wrote this because I think some people might not be aware of how easily your activities can be traced. It's worth a read...
Protect Yourself Online - Unless you take a proactive approach, almost everything you do on your computer and online can be traced.

It's best to do do your own research to find exactly what may fit your needs. Here are a few ideas to get you started though...

1) IP Address
This is your computer's address that you unknowingly submit when you visit a website. It is much like a calling card and can be traced down to your home address. It is important that you have anonyminity when surfing the net or making a purchase. There are many paid services that will provide this, here are a few: - mixed reviews lately but it's easy to cancel your account if needed.

Did you know that Google keeps your search information forever? Any LE can use this info against you. It doesn't take great IT forensic skills to see where you've been.

The beginning step is hiding or disguising your real IP. Keep in mind that with any proxy service you are entrusting them with all of your details, including login details. It will pay to do your homework to find a good provider.

2) Email Address

If you are using any number of paid or free email services, your ISP or the service itself will most likely keep all emails associated with your account. Even if you've deleted the email. You will also want to use a service that strips your IP information from the headers and possibly also encrypts the data if you are dealing in sensitive areas. A couple of ideas:

3) Internet and Computer History

Windows and other software programs store history about what you have done, what documents you have used, what web sites you have visited, what images and movies you have seen, and various other activities you have performed. All of this is stored in your hard disk. The Windows built-in functions will not protect you, most of the history can not be deleted with them. Therefore, anyone else can see what you have been doing on your computer. Even if you erase a file within Windows it is still visible for anyone who really wants to check. There are a ton of programs that can help you. Try: - lots of free and paid-for solutions here, you'll have to do a search on "privacy" or "erase."

4) File Shredding/Encryption
Did you know that even if you erase a file from you computer that it is still visible for anyone who really wants to look? Only when it's been written over, is it gone and that doesn't happen as often as you think. Erasing a file may keep an employer or girlfriend from finding something, but it won't do anything with LE. There's a lot of good free programs on the link below, just search for "file erase" and then refine the search for "Free" if that's what you want.

You may have important documents that you don't want others to read. Maybe you've already password protected them through Windows. That's about as effective as the standard "Erase" command in Windows. Try these: - free open source encryption. - make an small (25MB) encrypted folder for free.

Another cool program is InvisibleSecrets and that shreds, encrypts, and hides programs - like maybe you use Firefox for only certain internet activities which leaves IE visible for everyone. Check out their site:

5) Money Transactions - let's see how the e-gold case shakes out...
The best way is e-gold. It's not that complicated to set up the account and fund, but you do have to read the directions. E-Gold is totally anonymous and secure. Additionally, just about every anabolic site accepts e-gold.

A. You need to open an e gold account (you can open instantly on-line, with no ID required)
B. You add funds to your e-gold account. You can do this by credit card, money order, check, direct deposit, bank wire and cash.
C. You transfer funds from your e-gold account to our e-gold account.

A. Open an e-gold account
This is free. No ID is required. You will however, need to submit a valid email address, you can use your new Hush account.

Create an account at
Do not lose your account number or password, you will need them every time you log on.

B. Fund your account
After you have created your account, you need to fund the account (you have to buy “gold” and then put it into your e-gold account). There are many e-gold Exchange Providers, which will convert your US Dollars or other currencies into e-gold.

-To fund your e-gold account with a bank wire (low charges of around 3%) try ou
-To fund your e-gold account with a credit card go to
-To fund your e-gold account with American Express click
-To fund your e-gold account with a money order go to

C. Pay for your order using e-gold (transfer e-gold from your e-gold account to our e-gold account)
To make payment by e-gold, select e-gold as the payment method in the shopping cart and follow the payment link after order checkout. You will be automatically directed to the e-gold payment page where you enter the USD amount you would like to transfer from your e-gold account to our account.

Western Union is by far the most popular method however and generally no ID is required for payments under $1000. Use different locations is you are sending large amounts of money per month or at least use different people if using the same location.

6) Post/Shipping
Some people recommend using a PO Box. The only issue with that is that you will have to present a two valid forms of ID to rent the box. It is not advised to use a fake name and ID, that could leave you open to a whole new set of problems. The best benefit of PO Box is that it is a step away from your residence. If delivery is to your residence, be sure it is "clean" prior to receiving your gear.

Our shipping methods have never resulted in a Customs Letter or Seizure.

7) And finally...
If you ever do get busted, keep your mouth CLOSED! Don't say anything without a lawyer present!

If you have any suggestions, let us know - [email protected].

Hopefully you have found this page useful.

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