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A little experienced help please
Posts: 13
Join Date: Mar 2007
A little experienced help please - 01-24-2008, 05:46 PM

First of all thanks for any advice you experienced guys can offer. I'm in the process of setting up my 4th cycle. Last one consisted of Test E 500 mg/week and EQ 600 mg/week and I ran it for 16 weeks. PCT with nolva & clomid. I put on some mass with that cycle and in the months following I cut up really nice.

I'm 35 y/o 5'7 180 lbs. I eat right, weight train 4x/week and do cardio 3x/week.

For this next cycle I'd like to put on a little size but still maintain my cut look. I was thinking of running Test E or C at 500/wk and Deca at 400/wk instead of the EQ (my joints tend to hurt). Is there something else I can add to this to keep some of the water weight down and stay cut? I don't have any experience with Winny but I know it's been used with some success. Any input from experienced users is greatly appreciated.
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Registered User
Posts: 63
Join Date: Dec 2007
01-25-2008, 05:07 AM

To keep water weight down you can use sus instead of test e or test c. Sus is the cleanest test you can use. Watch your sodium intake. I think I know what you are looking for. I would get up to 500-750 sus 200-400 deca and 200-300 primo per week. Sus is clean, but there still will be water, Deca is just great period, but less water with eq, and Primo will make you hard. You can also use a blocker to keep water off. If you choose to use eq instead of deca then 300-400 EQ per week. I am not going to lie I think I like this cycle with EQ better. Joint problem I understand though.
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Registered User
sTaTic's Avatar
Posts: 361
Join Date: Jan 2006
01-25-2008, 10:41 AM

Test prop 100mgs EOD- week 1-10
tren A 75-100mgs EOD- week 1-6

pct day after last inj
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AnaSCI VET / Donating Member
Elvia1023's Avatar
Posts: 5,194
Join Date: Oct 2007
01-25-2008, 02:53 PM

There are many routes you can go down. The test p and tren a will always work. Don't use test c or e and go for a short estered or the blend of sust. The key is your diet and your protection. Armidex is great for keeping water weight down. If you don't wanna go for tren then you could add a compound such as anavar or turinabol with the test (test p or sust). Tbol is half way between anavar and dbol. It is basically dbol without the water weight. But anavar is less so and that would be a great addition to a test cycle. I would rec any of the following:

Test P


Test P
Tren A

There are loads more. But the key is diet. And to stay away from test c or e. Just invest in good protection and you will be sorted. You can get proviron too as more protection and that will act as an hardening agent during your cycle. PCT the usual clomid and Nolva protocol.

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Posts: 13
Join Date: Mar 2007
01-25-2008, 05:51 PM

Thanks for all the advice guys. Here's what I'm thinking - let me know your thoughts:

Week 1-16 Sust 750/wk (375 x2)
Week 1-10 Tren A 100/eod
Week 1-16 Deca 400/wk (200 x2) (need help with joints - although EQ is better with this cycle)
PCT normal Clomid/Nolva

On another note my last cycle was with Nutri-vet and it seemed to be underdosed based on my past gains and sides. Is this the case? Just curious if it's just me.
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