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Advice Needed?
Posts: 7
Join Date: Apr 2008
Question Advice Needed? - 04-23-2008, 09:35 PM

I have never used steroids before and have a few questions, but first let me tell you a bit about my situation. I have naturally had gyno since before puberty. It is not to bad, I just have some pretty puffy nipples, and a little fat on my chest if I am over weight, some times I have no fat at all on my chest, but I always have puffy nipples. I looked into surgery and saw that a number of people who under go it get their puffy nipples back two or three weeks later. I then looked into hormone therapy. My doctor took a blood test, and found normal levels of hormones, with a higher level of test than normal (about 850). She would not put me on any hormones, and said that the FDA does not approve of Nalvodex or Clomid for that use. She said my only option is surgery, and with my my normal hormone levels there should be no reason why they would become puffy again. I am not really looking to get really big, just big enough to look really good all cut up. I want to do one or possibly two cycles before the surgery, and if I do cycles after the surgery, they will be cutting only cycles so to not risk aromitizing effects, and ruin the surgery. My friend used to do cycles and is helping me build one up, here are my questions, but first here is my build. Male ,25 years old, 5'10", 175 lbs, naturally good frame to build on. My friend was huge, I saw him lift the back of a car up and spin it around 90 degress. But some of the things he tells me conflict with things found in reseach.
1) Should I incorporate both bulking and cutting in one 10 week cycle, or
should I do two separate cycles? My friend did both in one cycle, and so did his friends and got awsome results, but my research has shown me I should separate them.

2) When stacking, should I lower the amount of one steroid, to
accomodate for the use of a second? Or should I use the normal
amounts of both? My friend lowered the amounts of each as to accomodate the other.

3) To build bulk I am going with Sustamid 250, and anavar how does that sound?

4) To get cut up am am going with a combo of Anavar(pills), and
Primobol Forte (injectable), how does that sound?

5) If I do them all in one cycle, then I will stack anavar with Sustamid
250, is that cool?

6) What would you say would be a good result producing dosage of these
for a first timer? The ranges I find that are used are big ranges, I dont want to go to weak, but I dont want to over do it as a first timer.

7) After surgery I can not work out for two to three weeks, how long
should I wait untill after the cycle(s) to go into surgery to keep the
most gains?

Thank you for your help and advice, I will be looking forward to your input.

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04-24-2008, 02:43 PM

first of all Im not sure aas is the answer to your problem. I to have had gynoclomastia. I took care of it through diet and exercise. When I done my first cycle at the age of 28 I got a bad case of it again. of course my first cycle was compleatly different to what you are asking about. that is another subject all together so I digress. Some of what you were asking about might make matters worse. aas can be quite complicated. I myself have alot to learn. I have done 10 cycles over the past 18 years. What I have come to know is I do not know enough. So the last person you need to ask is me. but I do know enough to help you not hurt yourself. I can say dont go there. You said you dont want to get big but just cut up. aas is not a diet pill. you have to do that from diet and exercise. you have not mentioned your lifting or exercise history. if you have not been lifting hard or exercising hard for the last five or more years dont do the aas. and to top it all off you need to do your research on your pct and your anti amoratizing therapy. Im not trying to rain on your parade but please do more research. I come here because there are some pretty knowledgable people here that give good advise that is why we are here.

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Posts: 7
Join Date: Apr 2008
Thanks - 04-25-2008, 02:04 AM

Thanks for your advice man. Ive worked out on and off for about five or six years. I was living in northern california, and working out for about a year and a half straight. I was working out with guys straight out of the pen. Some of them could bench 400 lbs or more and never used aas once. I learned a lot from them, but they really did over work themselves, because I have done a lot of reading too. But it worked for them though. I never got close to that. When I first started I could bench about 110, and worked up to 245 (narrow gripped). never loosing my puffy nipples gets discouraging though. I moved back down south near where I spent most of my life in central cali. I have not found any one to work out with though, and havent worked out in e few months. I need to get back to the gym. I wasnt planning on even doing a cycle untill I had a good six or seven months of training, to get back to where I was.
I am thinking about doing some letro, followed by some nolvadex (to stop any immidiate amoratizing), and clomid (to get my natural test levels back up) to try and get rid of my gyno. If that works as a permanate solution, like I have read that it can in some men, then I would never risk it by ever doing a cycle. I am a pretty disciplined person, I would just do it naturally. Thanks for looking out for me though man, I am still thinking about it though.
I already figured out a good pct, and anti- amoratzing theropy, I am pretty clear on things in that area so I just didn't mention it, sorry.
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