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first cycle
Posts: 2
Join Date: Dec 2008
first cycle - 01-10-2009, 05:19 PM

hey everyone, I'm 22, 6ft tall and lean I don't know my exact weight.
I am doing this whether people think I should or not so I am just asking for advice to do it safely please.
I have my gear already Test C am doing 400mg/per week for ten weeks
split into two injections weekly mondays and thursdays.
I haven't got anti-es yet I was reading a thread on it here and think I'll do this:
Test c weeks 1 - 10
Nolvadex 20mg everyday from week 2 till end of week 11
then for PCT
Clomid 200mg day 1, 100mg days 2 - 14, 50mg days 15 - 30.
HCG during I don't know.
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Posts: 2
Join Date: Dec 2008
01-12-2009, 07:58 AM

Fine fuck it I'll work it out myself
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AnaSCI VET / Donating Member
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Join Date: Oct 2007
01-12-2009, 11:53 AM

Originally Posted by hitman22 View Post
Fine fuck it I'll work it out myself
You sound delightful. 2 days and no reply and you go and write that. Plus it was 2 days over the weekend. You sound like a twat. Firstly your not ready. Not just cos of your age but your 2nd message. It shows great immaturity and impatience... both are the worst things to have if your thinking about doing AAS.

I should add I know many 19 year olds mentally ready for AAS (I know your 22) but they are not physically. You are alittle too young but many your age are physically ready and if they are mentally prepared (not idiots) then things should be cool. Many would say wait till much older but if your mentally ready at your age things should be ok. I AM NOT SAYING TO ALL 22 YEAR OLDS GO AND DO AAS COS MOST AREN'T READY BY ANY MEANS. But like I said above even just your little 1 line message shows a great deal to me and you doing AAS is a stupid idea.

You haven't even given us any info on your diet and training. I think you should just train to your maximum (or close) then look at AAS. What is your diet like? What is your training plan? Is it consistent?

Secondly you obviously haven't done that much research cos if you had you would know that doing nolva for your entire cycle is just wrong. Moreover taking it away from pct.

You don't even know your weight... that is alittle disturbing. I am not on about to the pound cos most wouldn't know. But you don't even know to the nearest 10. It would give us an indication of where you are at. Obviously body look is most important but as we can't see you your weight would help us give you the best advice.

Anyway as you state your gonna do it anyway regardless what we say. To stop you fucking yourself up even more I will say 400-500mg per week is best. Mon and Thurs injections are a great option. Do not do nolva during but keep it for pct. OH PLEASE DO NOT START YOUR CYCLE UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR PCT AND PROTECTION IN HAND. If you want protection during then a small dose of arimidex is best. Something like 0.5mg per day but I am not a fan of taking an AI during an entire cycle cos it might not be needed. I would simply have it on hand incase of gyno or your unhappy with the amount of water retention etc.

Do a pct of nolva and clomid. Something like the below would be best-

Week 1-3= Clomid at 300mg day 1, days 2-11 at 100mg and days 12-21 at 50mg per day
Week 1-3= Nolva at 20mg per day
Week 4= Nolva at 10mg per day

PCT should be started 2 weeks after your last inj (so 2nd Thurs after your last inj). Nolva is more effective for pct than clomid but they help you out in different ways so the combo is great.

A 10 week cycle sounds good. That is the lowest you should do but don't do much higher. For a 1st cycle I would do 10-12 weeks. Don't go over 12. But if you do 10 weeks worth of injections that is moreorless 12 weeks in your system. Although the test will take a few weeks to take over your natural supply. Do 10-12 weeks worth of injections.

HCG is used to stop your balls from shrinking. It should not be used for pct ever (regardless what some sites say). You can use it just before your pct and in the 1st week but never for the duration of your pct. It shuts you down so you must ensure 3 weeks of anti-e usage after HCG. I would just use it when it is needed. In the middle of your cycle maybe do 500IU every 4 days for 12/16 days (3/4 injections). And maybe repeat just before your pct. Or you could just do 500IU every 7 days during your cycle. It is most effective every 4 days but 7 just makes it easier (so you could say every Wed). But like I said I would just have it on hand and use it when it is needed.

There you go that is some of the stuff you defo need to know. Goodluck with your cycle. I hope you don't fuck your hormones up. Do you even know what steroids are? That sounds like a stupid question doesn't it? I am not being funny with you. I ask you cos many don't even know what they are. I know people on their 7th/8th cycles and they don't even know what they are and what exactly they do in your system. PLEASE DO MORE RESEARCH. Are you aware of all the sides and how your gonan crash after cycle. Do you know that they actually shut down your natural test supply and thats why your balls shrink etc. Just look into them cos if you don't you will join a long list of newbies who ended up in tears cos they don't know why they are feeling the way they are.

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