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Trying to help get this Discussion
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Red face Trying to help get this Discussion - 11-19-2011, 03:38 AM

This is kind of a intro in to my situation

I've been serious in the gym for close to 20 years. I have a few questions about the results from a cycle I'm planning. I have done a few cycles in the past, but i have been off since the winter of 2008. About 10 years ago I ran a Primo cycle, but I was fighting at the time and ran it with a reduced calorie diet. I gained strength but for the most part it was worthless due to my own lack of education and experience. I've ran clen and T3 a number of times. In 2007 I ran a Deca 100 E10D for 5 weeks before the sides got to me and I had the bail out. (We live with our mistakes) But I did gain massive strength and size. About 18lbs I kept most of what I gained.
In 2008 I ran Test Prop 50 E3D and EQ 150 E7D I avoided the sides until week 8 then had to go off. I gain about 12 lbs and massively leaned out even at 3000 Cal a day. But I was 100% clean bulking.

I'm 5'3 156lbs 18%BF I wear a size 6, 27 inch waist, 22 inch thighs. I'm working out 5 days a week. Shoulders and chest, back and bics (Small muscle work), legs, Deadlifting, and Squats. I only doing cardio 4 days 35 to 45 min, Plus I walk my border collies up a mountain canyon 2-3 days a week. I'm not pushing myself to lose fat right now. I happy to bounce between 150 and 160 for now.
In the past 9 months I have come back from disabled to about 80% of my pre baby strength. I'm Max Raw Benching about 185, DL 285 and SQ 255.

My diet is clean I'm carb cycling 2 high, 2 low, 3 med About 2200 to 2500 cal a day.
My sups Superpump, Cellmass, Amino Mix, Fish oils, Enzymes, Multi Vit. Protien and extra b's and vit C.
I have a Hashimotos thyroid disease that take synthroid 150 ED.

Since I have had side in the past I'm planning on sticking with the milder anabolics and starting a Primo/ Var cycle After Christmas. I'm wondering what type of results the other ladies around here have gotten. I want to get up to around 165-170 and plan to diet down for a show in September or October next year depending on how my body responds. My biggest question is a 15 lbs keepable gain possible with the milder gear? And since my thyroid is f'd up. Will T3 affect me differently?? Should I stay on the synthroid and add the T3 and clen or Drop the synthroid and Just Run T-3 and Clen? And what type of dosage should I be using.

I will probably run a cutting cycle later next summer.. But I want to get through the bulking cycle first.

Thanks for your help.

(Why I was disabled for almost a year)

In 2010 I gave birth to my daughter, during the birth my front pubis cartilage ruptured; as a result I was unable to walk for almost 2 months and was unable to exercise for almost a year due to a compression girdle and extreme pain. I've been cleared for almost 9 months and I'm almost pain free. The only restrictions I have is I will never be able to do any exercises that involve standing on one leg i.e. lunges, single leg squats. and anything with a wide stance is pretty much out too.
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