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Playing the Game
AnaSCI VET / Donating Member
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Playing the Game - 01-07-2012, 05:01 PM

Written by: Wardog
Volume #1

I look at most of our members, and I see many PH users, and some of them will eventually (or already are) come to the dark side. What you need to understand first off, is this is a VERY different game from prohormones. AAS are illegal, and aquiring them is illegal You have 2 options, play the game stupid, and get busted, or play it smart, and REDUCE (not eliminate) your chances of getting busted. Immortal Juicer posts on many forums. He has put together an EXCELLENT post that should be required reading for anyone. Therefor, I have takenm the liberty of bringing it over here.

Let me start off by saying, I have the utmost respect for police officers and all law enforcement officials. I have friends that are police officers and they risk their lives daily for a low salary and dangerous work. They are dedicating their career to make the country a safer place to live, only to be scrutinized by the very public the have sworn to protect.

It is a shame that an illogical law has forced citizens against each other and we cannot all be on the same side. Especially when we have REAL enemies out there, common to us all.

The first time I bought gear, I drove 20min to a Food Lion parking lot and bouht 10 sustanon's for $200. I drove home 10 miles an hour under the speed limit, scanned the parking lot for unmarked cars, hid the gear in a cd box set case, the box case in a t-shirt, and the t-shirt in a backpack, made it to my apartment, locked the door behind me and started looking through the blinds for the swat team waiting outside.

It is humerous now, but it wasnt then because 10 sustanons would be the biggest drug bust in history - TO ME! I decided to get educated and now I'm a CJ minor and let me tell you, in this game, the best way to stay safe is to get educated.

I want to hear from some bros who have either been busted, or know someone who has so everyone can learn from their mistakes. Everyone I know has either incriminated themselves upon arrest, consented to a search while knowingly posessing illegal goods, or been involved with narcotics (coke, X, weed) in addition to juice. Here are a few pointers I've picked up over the past year.

Rule 1: Keep your mouth shut and only deal with close trusted friends. Staying quiet is one of the hardest things to do. You cant catch a fish if it doesnt open its mouth. The vast majority of people incriminate themselves by talking to police. Police officers are trained to elicit incriminating statements, and when you are there shaking the piss off your leg after the cops break down your front door, the cops know exactly what is going through your head.

95% of people that get busted get set up by someone they know who has their own troubles. That is the way drug enforcement works. Be wary of anyone who is introduced to you as "a good friend of mine" and then wants to talk about anything illegal.

As far as recieving packages: suspicious activity is more incriminating that normal activity.

If a package is delivered to your address, has your name on it, even if you were not expecting anything, the natural thing to do is sign, accept it, and see what it is.

Suspicious acts would include arguing with the mailman about accepting it, accepting something with a false name, or worse signing a false name and accepting. It is natural to wonder what is in the package (remember christmas). Not wanting to sign implies that you believe that package may contain something you do not want to acknowledge posession of. Not wanting to sign also shows that you are aware of the legal implications of a signature. That is suspicious.

Have the package addressed to you and sign for it. They cannot prove that you knew the contents of the package. They CAN prove you knew the contents of your house or apartment and that is why they have a search warrant and are waiting for you to establish probable cause by signing for the package.

The charges always get dropped for posession of what was in the package but they get you on what you have in your house. That is why you must have a clean place whenever you are expecting a delivery.

1. Have it addressed to you and sign if required
2. Have a clean house.
3. Do not consent to a search.
4. Do not talk to cops before talking to an attorney.
5. Always be respectful.

Big Thanks to NYC Defender for taking the time to answer my questions and Rick Collins for standing up for his beliefs, despite the current legal policies and giving us someone in the legal system on "our side."
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Volume #2
AnaSCI VET / Donating Member
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Join Date: Apr 2009
Volume #2 - 01-07-2012, 05:02 PM

Dealing with sources:

First and foremost, you have to remember, this is NOT walmart. This is an illegal game, and your safety and protection, as well as your free***, are valuable things to keep. I have asked various sources for their biggest pet peeves, or the worst rookie mistakes they have to deal with. You will find them below.

1. putting info and email or printing order out when sending funds. Guys, this is just plain dumb. Some newbies actually send money, and a LIST of the steroids they want. The rule of this game send your money, and enclose NOTHING but your email addy. (Unless the source requests something different) Once it is sent, you email your source (from THAT email addy) what your order and address are. Some sources will ask that you do not include even your email addy, just email them with your order, and include the tracking number, so they can link that to your package.

2. always use tracking delivery mail (never trust the usps or any carrier) This is in YOUR best interest.

3. Going with a source just based on price. The AAS are not the only issue to consider. There is the time spent in packaging, be it foreign OR ********. A ******** box that the vials clink together in when the box is shook, will get you into trouble. As will the box that has vials that break in transit. A good bro, who takes time in packaging your gear for your safety, is ALWAYS worth a few extra bucks.

3. not using tin foil or hiding money well inside the envelope. Some sources have specific packing details for the $, others do not. If they do not, the best thing is several layers of packaging, including tinfoil. One of my personal favorites, is putting the money in tinfoil, then in the center of a magazine. Send the magazine to your source. (NO bodybuilding mags now bros..THINK!)

4. not asking for refs. Some newbies are just SO thrilled to have the name of a source, they happily send their money away, without checking the source out. Then they cry when they get scammed. Check with MODS, check scammer databases. Always remember, a source who is TOO easy to find, usually isn't a good one. The best run silent and deep and are held close to your chest.

5. patience..Again, this isn't walmart. Delays come up, issues arise, and sources have to "lay low" a bit occasionally. Realize their game is far more dangerous than yours, and that THEY are taking a lot of the risk for you, and respect that.

6. Continual emails. Once you send out your $..plain and simple..FORGET IT for 2 weeks if ********, 4 weeks if international. Do not go emailing your source with "did you send it yet" every hour on the hour after you get back from the post office.

7. Also, do not go frequently checking your carriers website to see if they delivered your "donation" Your IP addy is logged every time you go "check" This can be used later on down the road..against you.

8. Keep your computer clean. Once you order, clean out EVERYTHING. That includes your sources list from your email. Use Evidence Eliminator or a similar program and wipe things clean after as well. Remember, the first thing they size is your computer. Every time you hear of a bust, the first thing they take is your computer. Keep yourself AND your source safe..clean up. If you want to go to the full distance of paranoia, once you order, clean up, and do not go NEAR bodybuilding websites until you recieve. That keeps your fresh and clean computer..fresh and clean.

I hope these help. I say thank you to the sources that helped with these, you remain nameless, but you know who you are.
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