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Vicki Nixon Interview
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Vicki Nixon Interview - 12-27-2012, 10:20 PM

I first met Vicki and her husband Brian when she was the lightweight bodybuilding representative of Team US that was sent to the IFBB World Amateur Universe Championships in 2004. I was a judge and the U.S. delegate escorting the team. It was a great trip; but what struck me as being special was the tremendous support of her husband Brian. They were a great couple and the caring was obvious..

Two bodybuilders co-existing, in itself, is difficult since bodybuilding is such a self consuming sport. Add to that the fact that Vicki also had to overcome many medical difficulties to compete and succeed. Since turning pro, Vicki has put on an impressive 11lbs of lean muscle.

LWH- When did you start weight training and why?

VN- I started training in 1984..I was 24 and had just ended a relationship and needed something to focus on and regain my self esteem. I began training with weights on the men's side of a gym that really didn't allow women on the men's side at first, well I changed things! I fell in love with the weights and the power that came with training. My body responded very quickly. A friend at the gym showed me a magazine with Cory Everson on the cover and said" you would be a great bodybuilder" well that was it...I set my sights on my first show and within 6 to 8 months I was onstage. I loved being on stage and after my first show I was hooked!! I continued to do shows on and off for the next 12 yrs until I was diagnosed with liver disease. I had to begin chemo type therapy with interferon injections which made me very sick and weak...long story short, I was on and off the medications for 3 yrs and then was told I was in remission! So in 2002 I got back on stage and began my climb back up. In 2004 I won the overall at the Team Universe which landed me my IFBB pro card.

LWH- What is your greatest success

VN- Winning the overall at the Team Universe and representing the US in the World Championships in Barcelona, Spain. And of course attaining my Pro status. Outside of the bodybuilding world, I would have to say my greatest success was marrying Brian in 1995 and overcoming my many adversities. The medical issues that I have dealt with besides the Liver Disease are: 2 blown cervical disks, and 2 in my lower back, bone on bone in my knee's and a hole in my right femur from wear and tear...and fibromyalgia & chronic migraines. The list goes on. but I rather say this, no matter what life throws at you. you can still reach for the stars and believe in your DREAMS, because the mind is a powerful tool. There are NO limits as to what you can achieve if you want something bad enough.

LWH- what is your training regimen?

VN- I currently train 4 days per week with the weights and do cardio 5-6 days a week.

LWH- Your diet?

cycleride.jpgVN-- I eat 5 meals a day. I maintain a healthy diet of high protein and moderate carbs. I try and drink at least 1/2 to gallon of water a day. I do have cheat meals with my hubby once a week and enjoy fun foods on special occasions..

LWH: What is your real career beyond body building?

VN: I have been a Personal Trainer for 24 years. I am also a volunteer firefighter and EMT here in my township for over 12 yrs.( LWH: That is amazing)

LWH : What about Brian and his career?

VN: Brian is a Police Officer, having been so for 22 1/2 years. Brian is also now a certified licensed massage therapists.

LWH : What are your hobbies outside of bodybuilding?

picture263.jpgVN: I like photography, riding my Harley, the beach & any outdoor activities, reading & I love baking!!! Spending time with our two dogs Dasha & Shelby is by far the best thing I get to do everyday. Dasha is a teacup toy poodle and Shelby is a miniature dachshund

LWH: I am an passionate animal lover and spending time with your pets is amazing, such unconditional love.

LWH. I hear you are making a DVD which will be out real soon, tell us about it.

VN-- I wanted to do a documentary showing the person BEHIND the physique and the adversities one can overcome to live their dreams. Most Bodybuilding DVD's are all hard core gym scenes, sure that's a Big part of what we do but its not who we are. There is so much more to us we have jobs & family's and pets and health problems and all types of other life issues that make us who we are. The DVD is about My Life and what made me who I am.

LWH Brian how and why did you start training and when did you decide to become a bodybuilder?

VN- My father got me started with weight training. He was a trainer at a local YMCA and was very knowledge able when it came to weight training. In fact he started their first weight lifting team and traveled to many power lifting competitions over the years. I consider myself very fortunate since he showed me the proper way to train from the start. I started weight training because I, like so many others, was your typical skinny kid who wanted to put on some size. I was also big into sports, wrestling & judo, and wanted to be stronger because they are so physically demanding. I decided to become a bodybuilder because I liked the changes I was seeing not only in my physical appearance, but also in my confidence level. I was always on the shy side growing up, and still am to some degree, but I feel I have become a much more confident person.

LWH: What was your attraction to Vicki, and was she already competing?

img_07262.jpgBN: Besides her physical beauty, I would say her inner beauty. She is the sweetest an most caring person you'll ever meet. Yes, Vicki was a competitive bodybuilder when we met.

LWH What is your opinion of the state of BB today?

VN ; As far as the women's BB,we both agree that it has come too far. It almost appears as if the women are trying to keep up with the men...and that lands female bodybuilding in a very unsafe, unhealthy state not to mention you never see women in the mainstream anymore, we used to be on magazine covers and commercials and even movies.. it used to be accepted by the general public,. and now its so far from that. It's sad to see the risks women are taking in order to place in shows.

I would like to see some strict rules applied by the NPC & IFBB. I think that the "SIZE game has gone to far in some cases and that "balance & symmetry" & overall conditioning SHOULD rule over size Women should look like women....Period.

LWH: The judging guidelines currently in place do address some of Vicki's concerns and the NPC /IFFB continue to try an improve the sport.

LWH: What does the future hold in store for you.

VN: The future for Brian and I "

In 2.5 yrs Brian will retire from the police dept that he has spent 25 yrs serving and we will move to our Palm Coast Florida condo that we bought 5 yrs ago and enjoy the sunshine & sandy beaches!! He will work part time as a massage therapist and I will continue to train fitness clients. We will make an awesome team!!!


LWH: That sound like a great plan.

LWH: How did you make BB and marriage work?

VN- In this industry its very hard for most to have a strong, equal, balanced relationship. but those are the qualities that Brian and I have had from the beginning. When we met, we met in the gym, he had been married and I to had been married before also. We both knew what we wanted and what it would take to make it work. There was already a mutual respect from the start, we became training partners and discovered right away that we were one hell of a team. The chemistry in the gym showed us that we were on the same page. We both knew each other as competitors and understood what it took to be the best on stage. I guess you can say...we applied that to our marriage. Hard work, consistency, dedication and determination to be the best TEAM we could be. Brian and I blessed because we are best friends...and we truly believe that it all comes down to how bad you want something to work.

LWH: What an amazing story .Thank you Vicki

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