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The Almost Pro Guide to rHGH use
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The Almost Pro Guide to rHGH use - 02-15-2013, 10:19 AM

by: GK

Disclaimer (warning): This information is for entertainment value only. I am not a medical doctor , therefore, I am not qualified to offer any medical advice nor advise you on how to take any substances. What follow is my experience and knowledge of HGH.

According to studies in the New England Journal of Medicine GH use will:
Shed Bodyfat, Increase Muscle Tone; Boost your Energy, Strength, and Endurance
Reduce Wrinkles and Create Tighter, Smoother Skin; Help you Sleep Better, Improve Sex Drive and Performance, Improve Immune and Heart Function, Bone Density, Healing Time and Cholesterol, Improve Brain Function, Memory and Mental Focus

Wow! Sure sounds like a wonder drug to me! Yeah right, anyway here is some real world information for bodybuilders. Somatropin (rHGH) is produced by the pituitary gland and is responsible in adolescence for growth of tissues, protein deposition, and the breakdown of sub-q fat stores. As we age, growth hormone levels decrease but still remain active in the body, releasing in cycles during the day. Synthetic growth hormone used exogenously by bodybuilders is a 191 chain sequence of amino acids that replicates the bodies natural production of growth hormone.

Growth hormone has been in use by bodybuilders since the early 1980ís, though at this time, HGH was being extracted from the pituitary glands of cadavers and had enormous side effects, most prominently Creutzfeldt Jacob disease. This is a rare and fatal brain disease, it need not be discussed here since it is not possible in synthetic forms of rHGH, but if you want more info just run a search in google. rHGH stimulates growth in most body tissues which is due to an increase in cell number rather than cell size. This includes muscle tissue as well as internal organs, hence the dreaded GH gut.

Use of growth hormone by bodybuilders will cause increased muscle size, localized and overall bodyfat loss, increased protein synthesis, increased glucose output by the liver, increased insulin resistance and lowered thyroid output. Stored fats will be used as a primary fuel source, thus the body fat loss.

So is rHGH the wonder drug everyone lusts after? It certainly is beneficial but not for everyone. You must be willing to take risks to achieve maximum benefits from its use, as well as substantial financial investment. Do it right the first time or donít do it at all! You will achieve faster and greater growth from cycles of steroids than with GH, though once you reach a plateau, not many products work better.

Ok, so now you have decided that this is the drug for you and you are ready to try it, so what next? Well here are some general guidelines to follow for maximal results from GH use:

Daily injections are a must to maintain stable blood levels as GH has a very short life span in the body. It will peak almost immediately after injection and will clear the body with a half-life of only 20-30 minutes. It is best injected first thing in the morning upon rising to raise levels that are very low from sleeping, and immediately after training. I do not recommend injecting before bed as many bodybuilders do, since that is the time of day that your body will release naturally high levels of growth hormone, and exogenous use will only block that release. If you take it in the morning when levels are low, after training when levels are depleted and then let your body release while sleeping, you are getting one extra release for free! GH is best taken long term, short cycles do not maximize the benefits of muscle cell increase, only fat loss. Here is how I take my GH for maximum benefits:

6iu ed injected sub-q, preferably in the stomach (IM for certain brands)
3iu injected upon rising, 3iu injected immediately post-workout
10iu insulin taken 30 minutes after GH injection
25mcg cytomel ed
use of androgens such as testosterone

The timing of GH and insulin injections is critical. If insulin is injected before the GH, your pancreas will stop release of insulin monitoring due to the exogenous source. GH when injected will mobilize stored glycogen release which will turn into glucose for energy. This will cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels that will not shut down or stop rising due to the feedback loop being momentarily cut off. You will go hyperglycemic and end up in the hospital. You must first inject your GH, then the insulin; this will cause a rise in glucose release by the GH and will be controlled and shuttled into muscle tissue for repair by the later injection of insulin.
Use of cytomel or some type of T3 hormone is critical since GH use will severely lower thyroid levels. Small exogenous sources are necessary to maintain normal levels and 25 mcg ed is sufficient. This will also aid in body fat loss by maintaining proper thyroid functioning.
Use of androgens is also necessary due to the promotion of anabolism by increasing muscle size that benefits the new cell number increase by the GH. Remember GH will not directly cause muscle cell size increase, just the number of cells, therefore, androgens are necessary to increase size. Testosterone or trenbolone are both highly androgenic and perfect for out stack.

One myth that needs to be cleared up: high doses of GH use and the 5 on 2 off program. First, if you find that you are not achieving results off of 4-6iu ed, than something else is the problem, not your dose. The use of high doses if primarily cause by heat damage to the protein chain causing denatured proteins. This will decrease the effect and you must use higher doses to achieve the same effect. Other reasons for high dose use are; fake gh, not using insulin, cytomel or test, poor diet, improper timing schedule and the 5 on 2 off. This program was recommended by dealers as a way to move product by offering a lower cost cycle. No doctor in the world would recommend this protocol, Peak blood concentrations are reached in 2-6 hours after injection, and therefore, multiple daily injections are necessary to achieve stable release schedule and results. If you take your last injection Friday afternoon, and then not again till Monday morning, then you have negated all effects offered by the 6 hour concentration. Yes, you will achieve results using a 5 on 2 off program, but not as well as if you inject ed. Itís your money; I can only tell you how to optimize use.

Side effects of GH use include; carpal tunnel syndrome, tingling in the extremities, numbness in the hands and feet, increased organ growth, decreased insulin reception, acromegaly but only in extreme dose use, and decreased thyroid output causing fat accumulation. If you find that you are experiencing any of the above side effects, lower your dose immediately. This is especially important with carpal tunnel. If you feel like your wrists are hurting then lower the dose until pain subsides. You do not want to have that surgery, trust me.

GH is a fantastic product, beneficial for many reasons. Most people will experience thinning of the skin, increased vascularity, fat loss, permanent increases in muscle size due to the cell number increase, and overall feelings of wellness. You will probably need less sleep and feel supercharged all day long. I highly recommend GH use, but only when you have the money to do it right. 4-6 month cycles are optimal, year round if you are over age 35.

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