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What is the difference between Dynamic and Dedicated IP
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What is the difference between Dynamic and Dedicated IP - 03-01-2013, 08:09 PM

Dynamic IP

When you connect the our server will give you Public IP address which will be automatically chosen from a currently free IP address list on that server. This IP address is not shared and you can use it until you disconnect your connection. You can always use all 655535 ports. Next time you connect to the server the IP address may change to another one. With the dynamic IP plan you can connect to any available server and you can change the server anytime you wish, but only one connection can be established at the same time with one SecureAnonymousSurfing account.

Dedicated (static) IP

We will give you a dedicated IP which will be always static. Whenever you connect the VPN you will always get the same IP address. If you purchase with a dedicated IP, you can find your dedicated IP address in your Members Area.

Please mind that the IP address always belongs to only one server so it will work only on the exact server and you will not be able to change VPN server anytime you want.

Dedicated IP can be useful if you need some of your computers to be accessible remotely. For example you can setup a WEB or FTP server on your computer and anyone from the Internet can access your computer remotely without asking you all the time about the active IP address.

Always do your own research before downloading if your not familiar with something you can always ask someone here. I post certain internet security just to bring to everyone's attention on what is out there. if you have other info or ideas please post up.
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03-01-2013, 09:48 PM

Great post but porn is will be back like Arnold.
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