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Taking the Turtle Route to Long-term Healthier Gains With AAS & HGH Use
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Taking the Turtle Route to Long-term Healthier Gains With AAS & HGH Use - 03-01-2013, 06:03 PM

**From the 3rd issue of the AnaSCI Newsletter

Over the many years we have seen a multitude of ways to use and cycle both Anabolic Androgenic steroids (AAS) and Human Growth Hormone (HGH). All methods work, but some are better than others depending on each user’s goals. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which path you will take, and I’ll try to explain these factors in this article as well as try to explain the most common paths users take these days. Also, this article is directed to those wanting to get fucking huge, so if you are wanting that beach boy or Abercrombie look, then this article will not and should not pertain to you.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen an increase in the dosages of AAS, HGH, Insulin, IGF analogues, peptides, and well, everything being used. The days of “cycling” are long forgotten for most users, which entailed taking AAS for 2-3 months and following it up with an equal amount of time o from use. Today, it’s not unheard of for many guys to use over 5 grams of AAS each week for long periods of time throughout the year, and that is an understatement. While this method will work in getting you large and in charge, there are some things to keep in mind when going this route. Using high doses for a long period of time will get most anybody large, in a short period of time, especially if their nutrition and training are where they need to be. The problem with this is that it cannot be followed each and every year for most users before side eects come into play sometime down the road. For example, taking 3 grams of testosterone and 1-2 grams of trenbolone may work great for the first year or two or ve, but there will be a point, especially as we age into our 30s and older, where blood pressure, hematocrit values, and other health factors will become more prevalent. Guys who previously relied on such doses in their 20s usually nd they can’t get away with them in their 30s before bad things start to happen.

Now, this is kind of a catch situation where we want young users to be responsible and work their way up in dosing, but on the other hand, if they are going to use high doses, the best time to take advantage of it is at earlier ages before sides start occurring, especially if they compete on stage and have a narrow window of opportunity before getting older. To make matters worse, and let’s be honest here, most users these days do not get blood work performed, even when they say they will. If you value your health, I’d recommend getting blood work done 2-3 times per year at minimum.

Before I go any further, I have to discuss AAS response between users. This is very important because it gets lost and overlooked between users and posters across message boards. What one user considers a low or high dose will vary between other users. For example, 1000mg/wk of testosterone may be a large dose to trigger an increase in muscle gains for some users, while others may need half that amount, and others double or triple that amount to get the same muscle size.

This is important because not every bodybuilder will need 2-3 grams of AAS to reach 250-300 pounds. So those who respond well to smaller doses can usually take small increases year to year and continue to grow, especially if they are consistent with their training and nutrition. The guys who need higher doses at some point will need to reevaluate their use after a few years, or possibly suer from side eects. This brings up the importance of staying consistent year to year in order to continue obtaining gains.

One common mistake I see bodybuilders make is not staying consistent with their nutrition and training, and only training hard when “on.” Let’s bring up another reality check, 98% of us will never be good enough to get a pro card in bodybuilding, that’s just a fact. So that 2% who responds to anything and everything is a very minute group that just about everybody reading this is not a part of. The hard cold truth of the matter is that muscle accrual for veteran lifters is not something we get over 2-4 months of training hard, but instead throughout an entire year or two. People are deluding themselves if they think training hard while on for a measly few months will get them bigger than the year prior. Again, if you do not have pro genetics, you need to stay consistent, but this brings up the question of how. How do you stay consistent, yet stay on AAS for long periods without burning your body out and jeopardizing health?

One way to do this is to follow a “blast and cruise” scheme, where you blast for 6-12 weeks, then come down to low dose testosterone doses for an equal amount of time. This will undoubtedly vary user to user, and again, blood work will help give you a direction on how your use is eecting your health. I do not want to over complicate this, but the blast part of the plan will vary in dosing user to user, so this is something that each user will need to do some trial and error on. You will know if you are a super- responder to AAS the rst time you take them. You will simply outgrow everybody around you while using the same or lower amount of AAS. If you fall within this group, you can take smaller jumps in dosing with each blast period. Guys needing larger increases will need to keep tabs on their health even more.

Another method to use for longevity, especially for guys who already have all the size they want, is to follow a cruise period for most of the year while taking HGH, and then when contest preparation rolls around, bump up the doses between one or multiple compounds to off-set hypocaloric catabolism. For example, 250-500mg per week can be used throughout the year, while food should be the main priority as well as progressive strength increases in training, along with moderate amounts of HGH. The goal here is to stay consistent, while coming in each year bigger, stronger and better than the previous one. The addition of HGH has helped many users stay leaner while being able to shovel in more food for growth and strength. I should probably note that just like AAS dosing will vary user to user, so will caloric demands between each person. Some people may need 5,000 calories to grow, while others may grow like a weed from 3,000 calories. Another goal here is to eat enough for growth, and not be afraid of a little belly fat accumulation. We’re not talking about eating so much you look like a fat turd, but enough to stimulate growth. These demands will progressively increase throughout each year just like doses of AAS.

Once contest or cutting prep begins, increasing the doses will help off-set catabolism while eating under maintenance calorie levels. So while users may blast for 12-16 weeks during this phase, many nd it much more forgiving to their health than blasting the whole year. Many also call this approach “growing into a show.” Follow this approach, and I guarantee you will grow. You may not grow as fast as the user blasting high amounts all year long, but you will steadily gain each year, for many more years, while having better health, and most will nd they can follow this scheme well into older ages. So the goal in this is to improve each year for a longer period of time of 10-20+ years, rather than blast all year and burn-out the body in a shorter period of time.

So in essence, what we have here is two approaches that will take you to your goals, and a classic example of the race between the rabbit and the turtle. Heck, I do not even want to call it a turtle because I’ve seen and read about many guys following the later scheme of cruising all year and making some huge ass gains from just food, training, and small to moderate doses of testosterone and HGH. Above all else, your health is the most important factor in all of this, if you blow out a kidney, have a heart attack or die, well, you fail! In the perfect world it would be nice to blast 10 grams of gear each week and not have to deal with any side eects, but the reality of this is that we do not live in a perfect world, so deciding on how you take your AAS and HGH should be of great concern. And let’s not forget, that turtle did pretty well in his race!
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