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Доўгага цыклу, жудасныя РСТ, fcking крута
Зарэгістраваны Карыстальнік
Diesel.808's Avatar
Пастоў: 45
Дата Рэгістрацыі: Май 2014
Размяшчэнне: Гаваі 808 але ка АГ
Long cycle, creepy PCT, fcking awesome - 08-24-2014, 04:47 AM

So this just happened, had to share because it surprised the fck out of me.
**Started cycle with 4 weeks of Test Base @ 200mg per day.
Такім чынам:
weeks 1-4 Test Base 1.4grams
Weeks 4-17 Test ace/test base/Tren (started @100mg test per day, 100mg tren per day.
Slowly worked up to 2g a week of tren. Was too much, found a sweet spot @ 150mg a day tren. 100mg test ace.
Then, made some really strong test base @ 333mg per ml (lots of guaiacol)
was pinning 1-2 ml of that each day plus the ace and tren.

ran this for another 4 weeks.

Had to take 2.5mg of letro ED to control gyno
also, 1000mg HCG per week. on and off throughout

at this point i had to go to brasil for 5 weeks. switched over to test E for the last couple weeks...figured i would give myself a chance to get a source there and coast on some test e or susp. something.
Well, all that fell through. All i had was two bottles of liquid letro.

sex drive never went to zero, only had two days of weird depression/feeling omega....really minor.
Took the letro till it was gone, made it home and did two weeks of high dosed clomid.
it's been four weeks now that im back and feel fucking great.
NOT tired, sex drive is way down but basically back to human level.
Havent gone in for blood levels but will be doing so next week.
I'm usually around 600 natural.

I was just shocked at how incredible Letro worked for pct.
THis was all a major failure and total HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FCK AM I GONNA do...source fell through in brasil.
But, damn, this worked way better than what i ususally do and i've never felt this damn good after a cycle...and definitely NEVER used that much gear for that long.

Also, for sides...
at the very beginning of cycle, arm pits smelled a little bit more, then, Lost all smell from arm pits.
Night sweats so fucking bad all cycle long it was crazy.
since i've been back...pretty much post pct,
arm pit scent is back and no night least not beyond normal.

so...and no gyno at all.
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Зарэгістраваны Карыстальнік
tripletotal's Avatar
Паведамленні: 600
Рэгістрацыя: Сакавік 2013
08-27-2014, 01:23 AM

I would have been freaking out if my source fell through like that. Glad it all worked out so well!
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AnaSCI ветэрынара
Sandpig's Avatar
Паведамленняў: 1,546
Рэгістрацыя: Сакавік 2014
Размяшчэнне: Горад грахоў
08-27-2014, 05:23 AM

I use Letro as my on cycle AI. Not only does it work but to me it's cost effective since I only run 1/4 tab EOD.
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