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~Magic Jack~
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Join Date: Jul 2013
~Magic Jack~ - 12-27-2014, 12:23 AM

**Important** To all my friends, please share this with EVERYONE that YOU KNOW.
I have stumbled upon very important information. The U.S gov't and agencies, such as D.H.S, D.E.A, F.B.I, and various other Federal Agencies are monitoring you and the MAJORITY of American's. Snowden revealed similar info..but this piece of info is "newer" I need you to share this information with as many people as possible, and ask that they share this as well. This affects 60+ million Americans and additionally anyone that they contact. This INFO needs to surface on a large scale level.

They are using MAGIC JACK. You can purchase this product at Radio Shack and various other places, at a very inexpensive rate, intentionally for "free" or "nearly free" phone calls. This product STORES all of your phone calls, and all of your Internet activities on their servers and they can access all of your entire conversations at ANY TIME. The user agreement explicitly, and in the fine print, allows Magic Jack to do this. In other words, your rights are being violated. They can listen to your conversations live, view all websites you view, and they have all of this information live or they have this in storage. This IS and CAN be used for illegal means. You need to be very aware that this is a violation of your privacy. There is a version that hooks up straight to your computer and collects "COOKIES" and there is a version that hooks up straight your phone line as well. Not only does it and can it STORE information, when you have it installed into your house, your entire house can act as a "Conductor" at which point the entire house can transmit sound and information to anyone using a device in order to collect this information. Meaning that the US Gov't can monitor sound/listening devices to private conversations within your household.

Also, Magic Jack stores vital information such as numbers that you call and uses them in a "six degrees of separation" protocol, which essentially is Mathematical probabilities that collect information. Think Facebook and Google which are other Powerhouses that store and list all of your private and personal information and determines who your "affiliations" lie with.

This is the tip of the Iceberg regarding information collection that you may be unaware of.

Please SHARE THIS with everyone and anyone in the US/and INTERNATIONALLY. This disrespects your Constitutional Rights of Privacy and is a VERY serious issue that needs to be released. I challenge ANYONE with any computer hacking skills to DISPROVE or try to DISCREDIT that this is possible..Any expert in this field will agree. EXPERTS HACKERS..please look into MAGIC JACK HACKS and identify every and all loopholes and broadcast loud and clear.

Remember, "A Patriot is someone who serves (supports) their Country(men) all the time, and the gov't..when they deserve it" -Mark Twain.

Thank you everyone. Here are the Terms of the fine print.
magicJack - Terms of Service

National Sponsored Strongman Competitor
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12-27-2014, 12:29 AM

Thanks for the info! I know people that have this, will be sure to let them know.

"The foolish man thinks he will live for ever,
if he keeps away from fighting;
but old age won't grant him a truce
even if the spears do."
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srd1's Avatar
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Location: midwest usa
12-27-2014, 10:53 AM

Good to know thanks brother!!

Only God Can Judge Our Enemies, Im Just Here To Arrange The Meeting.
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12-27-2014, 01:35 PM

My pappy always used to say no such thing as a free lunch
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Big-John's Avatar
Posts: 3,128
Join Date: Oct 2012
12-27-2014, 01:40 PM

Thanks for the info Wes. This country is getting out of hand with this crap. They are more concerned with us then other contries that want to destroy us.
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