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AnaSCI Interview: Tommy Harrison (Powerlifting Excellence)
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AnaSCI Interview: Tommy Harrison (Powerlifting Excellence) - 01-04-2013, 11:56 AM

Interview by: turbobusa

This issue we visit Tommy Harrison and Gladiators powerlifting in Chicago, Illinois.

turbobusa: Tommy what got you started in the sport of powerlifting?

Tommy: Detective Al Kennedy of the Chicago police dept. provided my introduction to powerlifting in 1998. My good friend and mentor James Jordan told me I could be a world champ. James passed away a couple years back. Great guy and really missed. Thanks James and Al!

turbobusa: Any female team members?

TH: Yes Kim Carter, Gion Prevard, and Michronne Berry. All national /world class lifters.

turbobusa: We have three other team members here today. Ok to shoot them some questions?

TH: Sure, fire away...Ok first up Robert Vick.

turbobusa. Hi Robert how old are you and when did you start training?

RV: I’m 39 started lifting in 2004.

turbobusa: Who influenced you to get in to competitive lifting?

RV: My guy Tommy H. I played semi pro football. I suffered a shoulder separation and met up with Tommy and well here I am.

turbobusa: Robert tell me about some of your lifts/titles…

RV: Wabdl 909 in a single ply which my buddy Mike Womack in TX has since moved up to 942.
I’ve been ranked number 1 or 2 in powerlifting watch since 2007.

turbobusa: wow! That is incredible, you began your competitive lifting career in 2004! Future plans?

RV: I will hit 1035 in a single ply. I have June uspa meet coming up in Minnesota. Next stop will be at the Olympia sept 27th.

turbobusa: Robert do you have any tips suggestions for up and coming lifters?

RV: Listen to your body. This thing takes time. A slow progression. It’s not just muscles that must adapt. It is adaptation of bone/joint, connective tissue, nervous system and mind.

turbobusa: Anyone you’d like to mention?

RV: I’d like to thank Tommy H for leading the way. My sponsors Ken Anderson and Titan. The quads crew and my family for being very supportive. Oh yeah check out Big steel 619 on you tube. Thanks anasci for supporting the iron sports!

turbobusa: Thank you Robert for taking time with us. Mountain of muscle the great Robert Vick……


turbobusa: Tommy what are a couple most memorable moments for you in powerlifting?

TH: My first 500lb bench. It was something I had been trying to achieve for a while. I was a little stuck. I had a best friend pass away. I dedicated my next 500lb attempt In his memory. I hit my first 500 bench within a week of his passing. The next would be hitting 815 after two forearm breaks. This also came with my induction into the WABDL hall of fame.

turbobusa: Tommy tell us about the injuries and overcoming them.

TH: Well my first broken forearm (right) occurred in march 08.
I broke it during 950 bench. I had successfully benched the 950 one week prior to the meet. Doctors figure stress fractures of the ulna and radius led to the actual breaking of both. I had been over 900 in weekly training for about 8 weeks prior.

turbobusa: What motivated you to come back?

TH: Well the doctor told me I’d never hit 600 again after a titanium plate was put in place in my forearm. The surgeon however said she was confident I would come back 100%. I talked with Louis Simmons
of the great Westside barbell gym. He did know of someone that came back from that type injury. I just wanted to compete again.
Break number two was above the titanium plate from first break. This occurred at 915lbs at the spf world championships oct 2010. I initially wanted to get back into the 800+range. I wanted to break the 308 records and police and fire. I hit 815 July 2012.

turbobusa. I am going to provide links etc so our readers can see the tremendous fortitude that it took to overcome and comeback from very serious injuries. Future plans?

TH: I plan on dropping my wt. to 259 and going after the record (749) drug tested of course. Oh and a 1000lb squat.

turbobusa: Very cool. One thing I noticed is the friendship and support the Saturday morning big bench crew has for one another. Funny this gym has so many outstanding lifters that are very serious
about the sport yet this has to be one of the friendliest laid back gyms I’ve been in. Tommy anyone one you want to mention for anasci?

TH: My sponsor Ken Anderson of Anderson powerlifting. Chicago F.O.P. Thanks guys. My Family, my co –workers and all my friends that are Gladiator powerlifting. Thanks to Quads gym, Moe and Dia Hadi…

turbobusa: Anasci wants to say thank you Tommy and the crew for this anasci exclusive. Go to You tube and face book. Tommy Harrison junior to view video footage Of Meets and training. Tommy’s injuries are documented as well. Great guys and friendly. If in the Chicagoland area stop in and say hi. Thanks for reading from the staff at anasci…

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