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AnaSCI Interview: Ed Coan (Powerlifting Excellence)
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AnaSCI Interview: Ed Coan (Powerlifting Excellence) - 06-01-2013, 02:09 PM

Interview by: turbobusa

This month we visit with one of the most iconic stars in the history of powerlifting.

turbobusa: Good morning Mr. Coan.

EC: Good morning. No Mr. necessary. I am just one of the guys in the gym.

turbobusa: All of those that train here know that but many people outside that don’t know you personally do not know what a laid back humble guy Ed Coan is. I noticed a young man in the gym earlier this morning almost speechless seeing you here doing your thing. He did not know you trained here. How does it feel when you get a young guy new to the sport approaching you with the “Hello Mr. Coan, it’s an honor to meet you!”

EC: Ah shit I’m just one of the guys in the gym. It’s nice but at the same time I’m just Ed here.

turbobusa: Well I know personally as well as others here do that you are always helpful and approachable. The vast majority here know to let a person get his session in before asking advice and so on. Ed you have trained around the greatest lifters in the world and you have been regarded by many, myself included as the greatest power lifter in the history of the sport. If we take Ed Coan out of the equation what lifter or lifters do you consider the greatest?

EC: Oh man there are so may standout greats over the years from Gene Bell to Lamar Gant. The list of greats is long. If I had to narrow it down to a few personal picks I would say. The great Hideaki Inaba: 17 consecutive world championships:
535 squat, 265 bench press, 525 deadlift, 1297 total @114 Raw! First to squat 4x bodywt.
1st to total 10x bodywt. The man trained alone in his back yard with mostly homemade equipment.
Inaba was truly a great amongst greats. I looked up to him as a great competitor as a young lifter coming in the sport. Still do. Inaba was on another level.

turbobusa: What brought you to powerlifting?

EC: I was a smaller guy in High school. I weighed about 100lbs soaking wet. I thought I was too small for the football team so I wrestled at 98lbs. I was pretty stoked when I worked out and ate getting up to 114. I thought I was huge and I guess compared to 98lbs I was … laughing... I then did a bodybuilding show at age 16. I did not fare so well.

One day I was watching world’s strongest man on ABC wide world of sports. Well Kaz was on fire. Pure strength insanity! That was it! I knew strength sports is where I wanted to spend my time. Specifically powerlifting. It was the one for me. Seemed like everything I trained and attempted just went up. Powerlifting was home….

turbobusa: Wow very inspiring. You found it and in the end basically owned it!

EC: Well I wouldn’t say owned it but did well.

turbobusa: Many top stars in other sports would do well to experience Ed’s humble laid back personality. Very cool guy…
Ed who are some of the lifters that you were close with?

EC: Well I have many really good friends from powerlifting. One that really stands out is the late great Doug Furnas. Doug left us on March 2nd 2012. He was 52 yrs old. Doug was a best friend and training partner. He had Parkinson’s. Doug was a rodeo rider prior to his great powerlifting career. After powerlifting Doug had a great pro wrestling career. He had a huge following in Japan.

turbobusa: Man, I remember when you guys were partnered up. What a great training combo!

EC: Yes, Doug was a fierce competitor. He is missed by all that knew him. He was heavily involved in mentoring troubled youth. He and wife ran a ranch for helping youths. The man lived life to its fullest!

turbobusa: That is very inspiring. Great to hear of a man giving back to the world with kindness. You must have so many great memories.

EC: Oh man you bet!

turbobusa: I remember those huge quads on Doug. Looked very powerful!

EC: Oh believe me those legs were bad! Doug at a fairly heavy bodywt could drop into full splits with ease. He could do perfect back flips no problem! That is some explosive strength! Guy was so flexible!

turbobusa: Thanks for sharing some of your personal friendship memories with us. I’m smiling listening to you. Talk about a smile and twinkle in the eyes! Eddy any other lifting friends, pards you want to mention?

EC: Well so many great people over so many years.
Let’s see…..Kirk Karwoski! What a guy and what dynamite lifter. Super cool guy that you could not help but like. Great guy! There are so many great friends over the years. Those guys are two that standout.

turbobusa: Priceless memories! Great stuff to hear.
Ctrl+ click
Young Eddy Pulling that [email protected] 198 28 yrs ago at Hawaii.
Ed doubling 950 straps down.
Holy s—t!....................
turbobusa: What is your nationality(s)?

EC: Pretty much pure Irish with maybe a little German thrown in. That’s where my stubborn ways come from (laughing).

turbobusa: Any other athletes in the family?

EC: Nope just me….

turbobusa: You have a couple vicious dogs for body guards right?

EC: Smiling – yeah my two yorkies. My little pals…

turbobusa: Ed you underwent hip joint replacement last year. How are things progressing?

EC: Well I took 617 squat for a raw double. I’m being cautious.

turbobusa: Any goals or numbers you’d like to get back to?

EC: A raw 700lb squat and deadlift will suffice. I know I could go bigger numbers but 700 on those lifts will satisfy me.

turbobusa: Laughing- oh is that it!? Those are great numbers.
Ed there so much material out there covering your illustrious career, any favorites?

EC: I appreciate all of them. The current (June) issue of Muscles and Fitness features myself alongside Muhammad Ali, Randy Couture, Bill Kazmaier, and Arnold...

turbobusa: Very Cool! Congrats I’m going to grab a copy. Anything new outside of powerlifting for you Ed?

EC: Yes. I’m into JKD. It’s a personal defense style of fight training. There are no actual organized fights of this style. It involves using techniques to “neutralize” aggressors. There is weapon training involved with JKD as well.
I train with my good friend Mike Van Beek. Mike is an expert JKD practitioner and can be contacted through Quads gym Calumet City Illinois, or just Google Mike Van Beek JKD.

turbobusa: Sounds very interesting. Anasci has many members involved in various defense/fighting disciplines. A few tips for aspiring powerlifters and bodybuilders?

1. Don’t over train
2. If it hurts don’t do it. Find a way around pain indicative of causing injury/damage.
3. A perfect rep EVERY rep! Like a machine.
turbobusa: Thanks Ed.
Ed this has been an honor and privilege to talk with you. The staff of Anasci, its members and readers thanks you.

EC: Hey no problem. Thanks to all of you...

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06-25-2019, 06:29 PM

The Goat...

Great interview!
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