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AnaSCI Interview: Eboni Wilson (IFBB Pro Circuit)
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AnaSCI Interview: Eboni Wilson (IFBB Pro Circuit) - 07-06-2013, 06:19 PM

Interview by: turbobusa

[Blind sided: Eboni Wilson Interview]

This month we interview bodybuilder Eboni Wilson in preparation for the 2013 IfBB North American championships aug 30-31 in Pittsburg , PA.

The Title of this interview was chosen due to the similarity of Eboni's
Story and the hit movie The blind side starring Sandra Bullock.

Let's begin this Anasci exclusive with Wilson's situation and how he turned adversity and the confusion/difficulties of youth into an inspirational story that we in the bodybuilding/ironsports community makes us proud to call Eboni one of our own.

More About Eboni:

Dr. Eboni Wilson grew up in South Central Los Angeles moving from home to home, care-giver to care-giver. He worked to pump gas at the age of six to earn enough money to feed himself. Because there was no guidance or support from his parents and family, Eboni acted out in school from a very early age. He would scratch his face up to punish his mother for trying to discipline him, fight ran*** people on the streets, brought a gun to school and even got kicked out of two high schools during first semester of his 9th grade year. These deviant behaviors led to multiple suspensions, special education, virtually no contact with family members and some interactions with law enforcement.

This negative attention got Eboni noticed and because of his size he was encouraged to play football in order to redirect his anger and channel his athletic ability. With football as a tool to help him, and three mentors to guide him, Eboni soon made a change. He concentrated on school, cleaned up his academic and behavioral record, ultimately earning a full football scholarship to Washington State University. Six and half years later Eboni earned his doctorate in Education, writing his ethnographic dissertation on black males visions of their futures, a subject which was dear to his heart.

Since earning his PhD, Dr. Wilson has focused his passion in two areas: education and developing urban student's self image. His first passion allowed him to move from classroom teacher to mid-level school management to Principal. Dr. Wilson has worked in various schools in the Mid-West and East coast and has proven that he can improve student performance and close the achievement gap. In just two and half years time, while working as a Principal in urban Chicago, Dr. Wilson improved the composite ACT score of 125 students over six points, as they surpassed the national ACT
average for African Americans by more than two points.

His second passion has permitted Dr. Wilson the chance to travel the
country and speak with youth in detention centers, schools and community centers, using his story as inspiration and motivation. Dr. Wilson has worked with all ages and believes to have touched the lives of thousands of youth. He has also been fortunate enough to work with educators on improving quality instruction in order to advance the academic skills of urban youth. Dr. Wilson lives in the Chicagoland area.

The second part of Wilsons inspirational story is as follows:

"I was falsely accused of having consensual sex with a 16 year-old female student," says Dr. Eboni Wilson.

He recounts his ordeal. "Two-and-a-half years after getting my Ph.D., I earned the opportunity to become principal at Chester High School," he says. "During my four months at Chester, I felt like everything was
perfect. In a matter of hours, everything I worked years for was wiped out over a lie."

Dr. Wilson was suspended and hasn't returned to Chester. The repercussions of his dismissal are still being felt.

Eboni Wilson. Author , Educator. Is one of us!

The repercussions of his dismissal are still being felt. "It was the worst
day of our lives," says his wife, Eva. "His reputation has been broken.
We're unemployed because of this lie."

They had to sell Eva's car and considered selling their house to make ends meet. But the real heartache came from being disowned by people they trusted. "People who I thought were m y friends stopped calling. This broke my heart. My career was over," Dr. Wilson laments.

Eventually, the 16-year-old student who accused Dr. Wilson recanted. "A local reporter got the accuser to admit on camera that my husband did not have sex with her. After all that we've lost, I can't believe she changed her story," Eva says angrily.

Although Dr. Wilson has been exonerated, he and Eva still struggle to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. "It's very scary to know that our lives are at the stake of this 16-year-old person. It's devastating. You just kill souls when you lie this way," she says.

The above was from the Dr. Phil show on false accusations and the damages they cause.

Here is one of many articles written On Eboni as he turned his life around Eboni's life;


Meet Mr. Hyde : The Goal at Jefferson Was to Turn Nice Guy Eboni Wilson Into a Demon on the Field
October 9, 1994 | CHARLES SMITH
No more Mr. Nice Guy. That is the attitude that Jefferson High football
coaches have instilled in standout defensive tackle Eboni Wilson. Though Wilson, at 6-2, 240 pounds, is built like a grizzly bear, his friendly demeanor can be likened more to that of bear of the teddy variety. This doesn't seem an appropriate mind-set for a player whose assignment is to destroy whatever gets in his way. "He's a very nice, well-mannered young man," former assistant coach Rodney Webber said.


A Good Name Vanishes
June 28, 2005 | David Zucchino, Times Staff Writer
It took a lifetime for Eboni Wilson to build a reputation, and just a few
hours to lose it. The son of drug addicts, Wilson grew up poor and
rootless in South Los Angeles. He lived in a garage, stole food and a car, and witnessed killings and robberies. Wilson, now 28, turned his life around after winning a football scholarship to Washington State
University. He played in the Rose Bowl, and earned bachelor's and master's degrees and a doctorate in education

The article above is one of many written during a very difficult time
In Doc Wilson's life.

Ok now on to the interview:

turbobusa: Hey how are you doing today?

EW: Great ! Thank you¶

turbobusa: What a story: Both interesting and very inspiring.

EW: Thanks. Yes it's been an interesting journey.

turbobusa: Does your physique help with your educational and of the youth you work with?

EW: Absolutely! Young people really take notice with athletes and people that are outside the norm (laughing). I do feel bodybuilders and iron athletes are just that athletes so the kids really respond well. This is where bodybuilding is a double blessing for me.It is very enjoyable and it really is useful as a tool to reach those kids that need it most.

turbobusa: How do you remain so laid back and friendly after some really trying times that could turn so many bitter and angry?

EW: What purpose would that serve? How would being an angry victim further my purpose of helping reach and assist at risk youngsters in getting life on track? It would help nothing or anyone. Take the experience and use it to help others. I try to leave the bad parts back in the past where they are.

turbobusa: You are a very unique and focused man. Letís change gears here and look at your bodybuilding aspirations..

EW: Cool fire away:

turbobusa: How long have you been training for bodybuilding competitions?

EW: Roughly 10-12 years. Though I had a good base to start with from my years in high school and college athletics.

turbobusa: that is a major understatement! You played in the 240-250 range in highschool and in the 270ís in college correct?

EW: Yes that is about right. I was a muscular 200lbs at age 12.

turbobusa: Ok so no feelings of guilt from hogging all the good genetics?

EW: (laughing hard) Well no because it has been a blessing in helping
those kidís that have similar circumstances to those I had in my
youth.Hey, and what bodybuilders do you know that would like to have less genetic blessings?

turbobusa: Point taken. Can you give us a brief overview of the shows you have competed in?

EW: Well I have placed as high as 6th at nationals as a shw.

turbobusa: So what is in the future for your competitive career?

EW: Well Iím prepping for the North Americans in late august with the goal the same as many national level guys, a procard.

turbobusa: I know you will do well and you will be a real threat . You have great pro-potential.

EW: Smiling. Man that really sounds nice. I will do my utmost to turn the compliment to reality!

turbobusa: We have a some guys/girls on the board that will be competing.

EW: Awesome! I figured that. I really like the anasci board I must Iím a member.

turbobusa: Thanks! Yes we have a many seasoned knowledgeable members on the board. Anyone youíd like to acknowledge?

EW: Oh sure. Finaflex, P28. The kidís and you guys for taking time with me.

turbobusa: Thanks for a great story and allowing our readers a look into your life!

EW: No problem I hang around the Anasci board when time permits.

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