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AnaSCI Interview: Underground Source Roundtable
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AnaSCI Interview: Underground Source Roundtable - 11-05-2013, 08:08 PM

PART 1 of 3
Interview by: theRenegade

Okay meatheads!!! This month I have something really good instore for loyal readers. You guys know how much I like to really bring you the inside scoop on sources and everything that has to do with them. Well my fellow muscle monkeys...this month is no exception, except.... this time instead of interviewing one source, I have brought together 3 of them plus myself to have a nice roundtable discussion about the in's and out's of our community and sourcing. Trust me.. this is gonna be one explosive interview. Nothing is held back here and its totally raw and uncensored. Because of what is talked about here the names of these sources have been witheld for any potential legal ramifications. If it was just a simple interview then by all means we would let it be known whom we were speaking to, but because the nature of the material about to be printed..for the safety of the sources and the people they deal with we had to change thier names. Trust me when I tell you that they are some very well known sources from aroud our community. If you have been online for any length of time, you would have heard these names or used these guys by now. So let me stop yapping here and lets just get right to the good stuff.. enjoy the round table.

(Edit: This discussion was done in a private chatroom online where all 4 of us logged in and talking and typing at the same time.)

Renegade: Hey fella's I want to personally thank you for doing this roundtable discussion. I know you guys are some of the best in the business and have been around for quite a while. I know for your saftey and that of the people you work with it is best to do this online in a private chatroom. Thanks for coming to gether to discuss the things guys and gals in our community really want to know.

TheFonz: Sure man its no problem. Im glad to help you and the anasci forum. I visit that board from time to time and from the time I remember it first started until now it has really grown by leaps and bounds. I check it out the other day when you contacted me and I might have to try to get on that board.

Triggerhappy: Anytime bro. Im busy as fuck but I always got a few seconds to chat shit up.

Mr. 69: Glad to help out. You and I go back a long way so Im more than happy to help out.

Renegade: First thing, lets get a little background info on you guys. No real names or info but let us know who we are dealing with.

Triggerhappy: I have been around since the days of elite fitness being brand new in 1995. I've pretty much seen it all. I've sourced for the better part of 15 years off an on. Mostly on. I've sources locally, online, on the forums, privately. You name it I have done it.

Mr.69: Started on GymAce's SteroidSuperBoard. So that was around 2005. Been in the game every since. Been through the up's and the downs. I narrowly avoided Operation Raw Deal. And I mean narrowly. Im on a few boards but none of the big ones. Im too afraid of them. I know LE is all over them like white on rice.

TheFonz: I started on the Meso-Rx back in 2001. Like these other guys I have pretty much seen it all. From the free for all days of Meso-Rx to the closing of that to outlamuscle to SSB to proMuscle to operation gear grinder and raw deal to now. I have been a member of pretty much every board you can think of. Elite, meso-rx, outlaw, anabolicboard, promuscle, rippedmass, muscle mayhem, freakzonline, the underground, renegade, theironden, intensemuscle, etc. You name it, I have , was, or am there. I have seen pretty much everything.

Renegade: So how did each of you guys get started?

The Fonz: I did it to make money. Plain and simple. Im not gonna lie and say I did it to get free stuff or anything like that. if you do this right you can make money why else so sources do it or take the risk? I got started on Meso becuase back then that place was the wild west. They classy's as they were called were open risk. No background needed. I had a good supply of mex gear and human grade gear from mexico from a granero in Tijuana which I had been going to for years before that. When I signed up for the boards a year or so before that I slowly learned how the online game worked. So after about a year and really getting my shit together I just opened shop. Never looked back since.

TriggerHappy: Same as the Fonz. I started as a small time local source at my gym to make money. I was a college student at the time at the local JuCo and I needed to pay my tuiton plus a little extra. I had a job working at GNC but if you know anything about GNC, you know they dont pay shit so I mixed hobby and business together. Once I got online and realized the net had potential I was all over it. When I started, the net was like the wild west. The fourms were brand new and you omly had a select group of guys so pretty much everybody kind of knew everybody. Still it was like going to the california gold rush. Everybody wanted a source. It was easy money then for sure.

Mr.69: I was a regular member of the online community since 2001. I started over on Anabolex. Loved that board. It was so popular back then. I started by just contributing and buying from the sources that were already established. Like other guys Im always looking for ways to make money, especially back then. When the whole China Scene blew up thats when I made my move. I've had my fair share of ups and downs. But Im still here when most are not. So I must be doing something right.

Renegade: So what do each one of you guys sell? Human, UG, mix of both?

Triggerhappy: I sell only human grade stuff. I sold Mex gear for a while when it was actualy coming from mexico, like the old brovel, ttokkyo, sydgroup, QV etc. Now I sell mainly euro human grade gear. Its a little bit pricey but it's still the best out there. No offense to the UG guys.

The Fonz: UG gear now. Started off with Mex Gear back in the day like alot of guys did and once China blew up I got my own lab. Profit is so much better than with the mexican gear.

Mr:69: I have my own lab and sometimes I sell IP stuff. Not so much anymore with IP but some of my customers still love his 50mg anavar and shit like that but mostly I have my own line that I sell.

Renegade: For the UG you use you own gear? I have to ask this becuase you would be surprised at some of the shit I hear about sources these days and what they do to the gear they sell.

Mr.69: Yes but I make my own to use. I have my line that I make to sell but I like the custom blends so I make those for myself. But yes I do use my own gear. Its good stuff. I get great raws from china.

Triggerhappy: Well I would say yes only because I use what I buy from my supplier overseas which is all human grade so yeah I use my own stuff. Im on a nice little mass cycle now of jelfa omna's, naposims, and some left over norma hella decas. When my omna's are out I got paki sus ready to take over. Love my human grade. People say there is noi difference but I beg to differ. There sure as hell is for me.

TheFonz: I use both. My own and human grade. For stuff like tren and mast and tbol I use my own. For test and deca and HGH I use human grade. I like to mix and match.

Renegade: Fonz, do you not trust your own test you make?

Fonz: I trust myself to make it. Im not always sure I trust the guys in China and what they send me. I have had issues come up in the past. With things like tren I can tell if its legit because of the smell and color. But since SRCS went down all we have to check powders is by blood tests or some really expensive lab I saw guys testing things on at promuscle. If I knew 100% all the time I would but since I don't ... I won't.

Mr.69: I agree, the shit coming out of china these days is hot or miss. Some batches they send you are great others are not. You have to find a source and stick with him even if he might be a little higher because there are so many powder guys now and they are all looming to make a buck so who knows really if you order deca and they might send you test enanthate instead.

Triggerhappy: True. Deca and test enanthate usually come in waxy blocks but sometimes I have seen them in fine powder form too so really how do you know? Sucks but its true.

Renegade: Most sources though from China that the community knows about are generally pretty good. If not once people find out they would get booted and none of them want that.

The Fonz: You would think but the Chinese all want money. Nothing else. And its not like they take the best safety precautions. Some places that send powder have a high metal content and some don't. I have had more than one persom tell me that the source they used before me would send them gear that gave them this metallic taste in thier mouth. Thats just palin dirty poison in my opinion.

Triggerhappy: True. I can't remember the medicine but I remember the story of some chinese medicine coming into the USA a few years back and they stopped the importing of it because of some pictures surfacing online of the facotry it was made in and the pics looked like some farm animal slaughter house. The pics were so dirty and disgusting and this was the facility the drug that was approved by the FDA was being made at. Made me wonder after I saw that. the kind of facility our powders come from. Truly disturbing.

Mr. 69: China is like the wild west now. Same as it was before Operation Raw Deal. So many powder guys these days all pushing the exact same thing. And they pop up one minute and then dissappear the next. There are only a few guys I know of that have been around for a minute and are consistent.

Renegade: So for you UG guys guys in the end really can't complain because the Chinese connection good or bad has been a blessing for you.

TheFonz: Yeah it really has. The only thing I wish is that the powder guys weren't so open. I know all they want to do is make money, just like we all do but sometimes I wish they wouldn't be so open so less people had access to them. This way our business would be a little better.

Triggerhappy: True. It does seem like now more than ever there are more people sourcing. Even with all the increased penalties from Law Enforcement. Guys dive right into it without even thinking.

Mr.69: Which is why you have A) more scamming than ever now and B) More busts than ever. I feel like I read about a new bust every 2 weeks or so.

The Fonz: yeah there really are more sources than ever. You read some people's comments online on how the pie is so big that there is enough room for everybody but really at what point is there enough room? Every new source comes on trying to lower or outdo the others and while this is good for the buyer it takes away from our profit. After a while you start thinking "what's the point?"

Triggerhappy: yeah I feel the same. In the old days you had a decent number of sources but it wasnt too many to where you couldnt make a decent amount. Now everybody and his brother all have thier own lab with super low prices. Sometimes I see some of these low prices and I think to myself these gusy must be making like 2.00 on a bottle. Seriously. I saw one source selling a bottle of prop for 6.00. How the hell can you make money at 6.00. The raw powder alone costs 1.00. then the chemical, and vial and stopper, and seal. Oil and label. all of that and litterally the guy makes 2.00.

TheFonz: I know who you are talking about. That clown sells anavar for 15.00 for 10mg 100 count bottles. There is no way he is making anything worth the risk. I seen him over on outlawmuscle. if you look at his thread he has complaints left and right. Yet people still use him.

TriggerHappy: Only because he is cheap.

Mr.69: Bodybuilders are cheap in general. I like to think I have pretty low prices to begin with and yet I still get guys asking if they can get a discount. Are you fucking serious? I still tend to be nice and decline but sometimes I just want to tell these guys to fuck off.

TriggerHappy: I have. Its liberating. LOL!

TheFonz: I get those guys all the time too. Everybody wants something for nothing. These gusy take no risk gettin anything in. If they get busted with possession they get a slap on the wrist. We get busted and we go to prison. They forget that or simply don't care.

TriggerHappy: Trust me. They don't care. Nobody does. They act like they are your buddy until they either find somebody lower in price or you get busted and then they act like they never knew you. I see sources all the time try to act buddy buddy with customers. I don't. i dont mean to come off like a dick sometimes, but its that simple. They don't give a fuck about me. They just want thier gear. Well I feel the same. I just want to get paid.

TheFonz: I have some customers that are generally good people but the majority of them are irritating. I have to admit that.

Renegade: I hear that from alot of guys around the community. The number one complaint they have about a source is the guy treats them like they are bothering him.

Mr.69: Well sometimes they do. You morons that will email you 10x in one day asking the same questions over and over or asking 5x in a day where his tracking number is. Its like jesus christ. enough already.

TheFonz: or you have guys what want special treatment or for you to break your back to get them thier gear overnight. I hate that. I have a set routine that I do. And it keeps me safe. I do not break that yet guys think that the minute they send payment their gear should arrive at thier doorstep.

Triggerhappy: Its usually the ones that spend $100.00 too. The guys that spend 10K roll with the flow and know how shit works but its the little guy that works at walmart that doesn't have the 100.00 to spend that causes the most issues.

TheFonz: For me the guys that are the biggest headache are the ones who dont buy everything they need for thier cycle before they begin and then run out mid way through and then hound the fuck out of you because they ran out. Like thats my problem. Yet they try to make it that way.

Renegade: What about the guys that get scammed and come to you?

TheFonz: They can be a royal pain in the ass. They think that because they got scammed you need to make up for that even though you had nothing to do with it or somehow you need to prove to them you wont scam them. I shake my head. Sometimes I don't even respond when they sat things like that.

TriggerHappy: Of they hound the fuck out of you every 5 minutes because they think you are gonna scam them too.

Mr.69: My favorites are the clowns who say they have thier buddy's money and need thier gear asap or thier buddy will come after them. Like that's my problem. I work how I work. if you don't like that you shouldn't have your friends money.

TriggerHappy: Its seems like now more than ever you have these types of guys. I remember when guys would order and not even email you back. They would send payment and just wait for you to mail out thier gear and the tracking and then you would get an email back from them saying thanks and thats it. Those guys are the best ones.

TheFonz: Generally those are the guys that have been around the block one or 50 times and know how shit works.

TriggerHappy: Don't forget about the guys who get pissed that you don't have what they need. Literally pissed at you for not having THIER gear they havent even paid for. Like "how dare you be out when I need it." LOL!! I love those guys.

TheFonz: I cuss those guys out. Fuck that.

Renegade: Sounds like you guys really put up with alot of stress?

TheFonz: And people wonder why we act like they bother us?

Mr.69: It can be stressful at times. But the pay is good so I put up with it. But trust me there are times I want to flip out. You just have to keep calm and remember that they dont know your issues and you thiers. Its still a business so you have to treat it like one even though you want to flip the fuck out.

TriggerHappy: You know whats stressful for me? Waiting for packs to come in. I can deal with shithead annoying customers. I flip out when packs take forever to show up. Thats the most stress part of our job and trust me I have gotten a few gray hairs over waiting for packs to arrive from overseas.

TheFonz: Nothing worse then having your pak sit in customs day after day and not knowing what you should do. Then all of a sudden one day its moved on through and you're feeling like the weight of the world is off your shoulders.

Mr.69: Thats why its always the golden rule if you find an international source that has a great track record to keep him buried like treasure. Too many people start using him and then his methods get known or talked about and allof a sudden thier packs start getting looked at.

Triggerhappy: I once had a pack come with amps in it years ago. And the box was leaking. It had stains all over it. The post office had me come doen to get it because they left a slip and when i went to the po to get it they handed me the box and I saw it and my heart just litterally beat out fo my chest. After them asking questions I got the box and I got home and opened it and all the amps had broke. You could smell the odor through the box and yet they didn't open it. They looked at me funny. I didnt go back to that post office for a year after that. Worst part wasn't that I lost the amps. The dumbass source didnt even pack them. He just through them in the box and taped it up. The whole time for about 4 months after I was beyond paranoid think they were looking at me, tapping my phone etc. Thats stress.

Mr.69: I would have emailed and bitched that source out. Thats fucked up. But I hear that alot actually. Sources that don't even bother to wrap things up. And then they wonder why guys get busted and then flip.

Renegade: Speaking of flipping. Thats a good topic. Alot of sources flip and sing when they get busted. I think thats just unacceptable. If you play the game you have to know the consequences.

TheFonz: Thats just it. Most guys know but don't care. And when you think about it why should they? The majority of guys online never see the people they deal with so when they get busted, giving up a name to a person you have never seen or talked to in person doesn't mean much.

Mr.69: True, although I will say most busts we read about are local or set up from a pack getting snagged at customs. I really haven't seen any busts directly related to somebody buying online and then ratting out an online source. Its always some local guy who sells online but is busted locally and then the feds find out he is selling online.

Triggerhappy: I think raw deal is the only big time bust operation that resulted from online sourcing. That shit was bad really really bad. Most guy online today don;t even know about that. it was like 6 or 7 years ago or something.

TheFonz: That shit was just do to China and the olympics. And Bush and his presidential war on drugs.

TheFonz: True. The Chinese Olympics played a big part in it.

Triggerhappy: Don't forget SteroidSuperBoard. That was the catalyst for it. That place was lile a mini meso-rx back in the day. Just so wide open. How could the feds not do something.

Renegade: There are a few message boards still like that out there. You think something like that might happen again.

TheFonz: It very well could. If its so out in their face, they will eventually do something about it. Steroids are an easy bust and make them look good. If its large enough they will do something about it. Guaranteed.

Mr.69: Yeah but alot of these boards are international and to be honest they really don't want to spend the time and money to go aftr all these international guys. Those guys kind of have to fall into thier lap for them to do something. International polics are more likely to bust them than anything else.

Renegade: What would you guys do if the feds came for you?

Mr.69: Not much you really can do. If they come for you they come for you. They will get you if they want you.

TheFonz: yeah if they come at 6am when you are alseep and you have no advanced warning you are screwed royally. They will get your computer and you're fucked. Thats why i dont keep anything near me. This way the damage will be limited. They will have to work to get me.

Triggerhappy: I would just stay silent and wait for my lawyer. Most guys hang themselves because they get scared and they hear the threats and all the BS. In the mkment they don;t think that what they say can fuck them. I would just stay quiet and let them do what they do and then get with my lawyer.

TheFonz: I would do the same. I have thought about that situation like that all the time. Waking up to a raid. I would just sit there and wait to speak to my lawyer. Don;t give them any more help. Make them work to get you.

Mr.69: Alot of times guys have so much stuff in thier house and there is no need for them to speak. They are so screwed. If your hosue is always clean and they come to get you it will be much harder for them to do anything because they need to physucally connect you to doing it. if you have nothing on you, they never caught you in person doing anything, then in court they will have a difficult time.

Renegade: Still they always trust the word of a rat.

Mr.69: Well if you get busted locally then yeah they can. And that sucks but still if you have a good lawyer sometimes you can beat that, but if its a localy bust then the rat will have spoken to you on the phone or something like that which can connect you. Online would be more difficult.

TheFonz: Yeah usually the downfalls is doing something face to face where the rat can ID you. A rat can't ID you if he hasnt seen your face.

Renegade: And alot of guys online these days are young guys with no code. I see it all the time how careless they are about talking about shit wide open. Guys dont understand the consequences of this game today.

Mr.69: No they really dont. Thats evident by the emails I get. You'd be surprised how many guys email me with a yahoo, gmail, msn, email. I just shake my head. Or how many guys email me from thier cell phones. Im like "really dude. Your iPhone?"

TheFonz: I get the same. Its rampant. Guys just dont have a clue. I have guys who email me from thier work email and it has thier name, address, cell phone number at the bottom. I just can't believe how careless some people are. I guess they either think something wont happen to them or they dont care. Its really unbelieveable.

Triggerhappy: I cant say I have had an email like that but if I did I sure as hell wouldnt answer them. No way in hell they will connect me to that. Thats just stupidity and carelessness. Guys like that get busted because they deserve it but then they are the first ones to cry or sing when they do. Fucking morons.

Renegade: I think its because guys think of this as not as big of a deal and its similar to just going to GNC. Once they get busted and go to jail or face the music they think differently.

Mr.69: And they are the ones that generally sing.

TheFonz: Little bitches.

Renegade: So how is business for you guys?

TheFonz: Im always making money lets put it that way. Some months are better than others but if I dont make at least 10k a month something is really wrong. So I really cant complain.

Mr.69: Same here. Its actually been pretty good for me lately. Like Fonz some month can be better than others but I have my steady customers and it sure beats the 9-5.

Triggerhappy: made 40k last month. It was a down month.

Renegade: 40k. Holy shit. Thats great.

Triggerhappy: I have some big customers who buy bulk.

Renegade: Thats alot of gear.

TheFonz: Not really. I've had months like that. You get some really over zealous guys who think they are gonna be thier next local tony montana and you can rack that up pretty easy.

Mr.69: There were guys back int he old steroid super board days making 70-90k a month. I know guys busted int he operation raw deal years ago that were doing that. So many new sources these days thats its hard to make that kind of money but there are still a few guys doing it. I would say most guys are doing between 10-20k a month if your a good decent source.

Renegade: Yeah I would say about that for mosy UGL's. There are so many of them they all cant make 40k a month.

TheFonz: no way they can. you're right there is just to much competition.

Renegade: Okay guys this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is such a long roundtable conversation there is no way we could fit it all into one article. Tune in next month when we cover part two. You wont want to miss what these guys get into then. These guys really let loose. Tune in next month same place and time. Later meatheads!!!!
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12-01-2013, 08:08 PM

PART 2 of 3
Interview by: theRenegade

Well well meatheads, here we are for round 2 of the steroid round table discussion. By the feedback we got last month we knew it would be a hit but we never thought we would get the feedback we did. Its why I do what I do. To bring you guys the best toilet reading material you can find. I told you last month that part 2 was gonna really be some shit you wouldn't want to miss and believe me.. its some crazy shit these guys talk about. Im glad we are able to print it so you meat monkeys can read it. Now I could spend another paragraph or 5 ran***ly talking about uselss shit just to fill space but there aint no need for that this month. So lets just cut the bullshit and get right to it shall we. Have at it freakz!!!

Renegade: Damn you guys make a shit ton of money. 40K is more than some people make in a fucking year. No wonder so many guys want to be sources. Hell hearing that makes me want to source.

triggerhappy: no doubt its alot of money. Nobody can deny that. But to think its all money and no work is stupid. We take alot.. and I mean alot of risks to make that kind of money. Dont be stupid to think otherwise.

Mr.69: I know I put up with alot of fucking stress and headaches to make the money I do. Its worth it though. It does give you a pretty good amount of free***.

the fonz: And to add to that.. the money can be addiciting. When your used to making that.. its not like 9-5 is really going to cut it anymore. Can you really see yourself going from 40k a month to 3k a month for a normal job. please.

Renegade: Shit yes I would think it would be addiciting. Thats what 480,000 a year if you make 40k a month consistently. How many sources you think actually do that kind of volume?

The Fonz: Not too many. Alot of sources try to act like they are super busy when they aren't.

Triggerhappy: Yeah i agree with that. I would say only a handful of really established guys make that. Some of the bigger ones you see on multiple forums probably do and maybe some older private ones.

Mr.69: fuck alot of these newer ones arent making that. I can guarantee that. They run all these crazy deals and post whore all over the forums. They are trying to drum up business. You can see the ones that do the volume and the ones trying to fight for scraps.

Renegade: So the "pie" really isn't big enough for everybody then?

Mr.69: Well, yes and no. Yes its not big enough from the point that you have all these new guys getting powder from china and trying to brew up their own shit and sell it to make a quick buck. In that case no there isnt enough room because there can only be so many sellers. Everybody cant sell. Then who would be left to buy? At some point it becomes to fucked up with too many guys. And you kind of see that
every now and then.

The Fonz: I disagree. Some guys will like UG shit, some will like only human grade and some like both. Also as old guys go away new guys step in to take their place. Both buyers and sellers, so to me it is big enough because how many forums are there and how many guys use. millions? Yeah its big enough where we can all make something.

Triggerhappy: Nope. Nope. Nope. We cant all make 40K. Some guys do more and those guys have great gear and have been at it a long long time. You just dont buy powder whip it up and open shop and make 40k in a month. Doesnt happen. Anybody that tells you it does is a fucking liar. You have to build up a rep, a customer base etc. That
all takes time.

Renegade: True. Alot of boards wont even take you on as a source unless you have had years of experience. Only the shit boards with no regulation let anybody on. That usually brings trouble.

The Fonz: Shit yes it brings trouble. Thats what it was back in the old days of some of these boards. No oversight so people just went buckwild and that type of forums breeds scammers and is a haven for Law Enforcement. There was a site back in the dad called bodybuilding classifieds and you didnt need any credentials at all. Just
sign up and post away. That got alot of people in trouble. Helped bring down more than one guy a few years back.

Triggerhappy: Thats why they shut down the meso-rx classified forums. Thats place was just like you described. Like the wild west and people got scammed there everyday because there was no oversight. And the fact the owner got scared he was gonna get busted.

Mr.69: Thats why the good boards everybody wants to be on are usually the hardest to get on because of all the security.

Renegade: So speaking of security, what kind of precautions do you guys take in order to secure yourselves and your customers?

The Fonz: I do referrals mostly. I have a nice built in base that does pretty much the same every month. Would I like to take on more customers in the future or even now? yeah but its so risky out there that taking referrals from my already trusted customers is the only way I feel good enough to keep safe and expand. As far as payments go its only Western union or money gram for me.

Triggerhappy: Its the only way left to go. Its not like your going to accept cash in the mail and lead the feds right to you. Also looking up forum history is a pretty good idea. If they have a long forums history then thats a good sign you have somebody legit. the guys that just show up yesterday and start asking for shit are the typical red flag guys you want to stay away from.

Mr.69: Most guys forget this is the internet and people remain anonymous, there fore they can say whatever and how are they really gonna be identified? So referrals is a good way. Checking history is another. refs from mods and VIPS is good as well.

The Fonz: And when I say referrals I mean it has to be from either a customer of mine or from some really well known forums member. I just dont take the chances anymore. When i was younger I was a little more liberal in my choices but as you get older you see the writing on the wall. You as a source never want to become one of the busted stats.

Renegade: It seems like at times there are alot of busts and then shit goes quiet and then alot of busts pop up and then it gets quiet again for a time.

The Fonz: Generally if you really read the articles on why they were busted it is usually from doing something local, getting ratted out, or other drugs involved.

Triggrhappy: yeah the last time I saw it just being online guys was operation raw deal in 2007. the feds really went after those dudes hardcore.

Mr.69: That was all political pressure from the basbeall issues and the chinese olympics coming up. They did that to look good. You dont see anything like that since. But then again when you had steroidsuperboard which was just a fucking free for all. He was basically slapping the feds in the face. They get pissed about shit
like that and they know steroids are an easy bust.

Triggerhappy: Local shit will get you busted everytime. if you really think about it why even do that anymore if you really want to make money. I dont think any of the really big big sources you see online even remotely touch local sales. There is an old saying if you deal local dont deal online and vice versa and there is a reason for that. its like drinking and driving. you dont mix the two its too dangerous. The
smart ones do that. The stupid and greedy ones dont, and then they get busted.

Renegade: Im still thinking about the 40k a month. Think of all the things you could do with that kind of cash!

Mr. 69: What can you do with it? I'll tell you what you can do. Nothing. If your smart. Just save it and keep it for a rainy day.

Triggerhappy: He's got a point. The feds watch everything so dont do anything that gets reported to the IRS, so its not like you can go and buy 10 cars and a mansion and think everything is going to be okay. You cant spend foolishly otherwise that will come bite you in the ass.

The Fonz: The smart sources have regular jobs and do this on the side. That way they can always show where the money they pay taxes comes from. If you try to pay taxes from your steroid money through legit channels it could work but most likely would get charges added onto you when you finally do get busted.

Triggerhappy: I cant even remember how many steroid busts I read about where guys get hammered because of the money they spent. I mean really? There was this one dude I remember back during operation raw deal that got busted and he had a lambo or ferarri or one of those high dollar rides. Bought it with steroid money. I couldnt believe it. I always wondered if he tried to put that in his mommas name! LOL!

Renegade: So I guess the moral of that lesson is just save save save or at the very least use the money to fund a legit business.

The Fonz: You can even do that really. Banks have all kinds of questions. I guess you could drop little 2 and 3k deposits in your account until you got up enough to do something but when the shit hits the fan if you cant prove where those little 2 and 3k deposits came from they will say its all drug money and bust you, take your
shit, and hammer you. its just how they work.

Mr.69: I have a buddy who does volume in weed sales and he owns a car wash, kind of like that dude Walter White on breaking bad. Guy funnels all his money through there and really what can the feds say? He takes cash so unless they stake the place out for 2 -3 weeks and count how many cars go through there they really cant prove shit.
Which is why a car wash or something similar like this is a good business to turn your illegal money into legal ones.

Renegade: taxes would hurt on 40k a month.

Triggerhappy: Fuck yeah it would. Thats why i would just keep that shit under the mattress.

Mr Fonz: Well I cant do this shit forever. Any good source has to have some kind of exit plan. Im sure there are some guys who do in fact plan to do this for as long as they can but every source has a shelf life. Sooner or later the reaper will come for you and you cant cheat the reaper. The reaper in this case being the feds or some type of bust.

Renegade: So what is a typical shelf life for a source. What determines that to be exact?

Mr.69: I dont think you can even really put a number on that to be honest. The old fashioned way was when you got busted or quit. Now with so many snitches and the feds knowing more about is going on with the forums, sources need to have a time frame in which they work with to make money. Be it a big time source or the some one
selling a few bottles here and there. You have to be ready to leave this game otherwise you will end up a statistic.

Triggerhappy: Thats the honest to god truth. But fuck there are guys like IP who have been in the game for 20 fucking years. So its different for everybody. It comes down to how secure you make yourself and in some cases how lucky you are.

Renegade: IP has been around for fucking ever. Thats so true but he has gone through some shit. Some scary shit. He has been close to busted a few times but he always escaped. he's like mother fucking houdini.

The Fonz: Yeah I have heard over the years some of the near bust expereicnes he has had. Crazy shit. Most guy would have crapped thier pants and ran. IP is a true example of a long lasting source. Transcendent actually!

Mr.69: All the things you guys say are true but it really comes down to the position the source puts himself in. Some sources are just stupid sloppy and some are so good it would be almost impossible for the feds to get them.

triggerhappy: bullshit. If the feds know you and want you its only a matter of time before they get you. they have unlimited resources to get you. if they want you you're dead. Simple as that.

Renegade: So well say you got busted one day. How would you guys handle it?

The Fonz: I cant say it would be easy. With the new sentencing guidelines you are looking at 10 years for a first timer. Not even the 5 they had a few years back. I cant say what I would do but I have to think as a man I would do the right thing.

TriggerHappy: I think the last thing any of us want to do is think about the ramifications of getting busted. Some guys crack under the pressue of the fed boot. I for one would like to think that I could handle myself but I guess you just never know until that day.

Mr.69: I wouldnt say a peep. If they got you with nothing on you or in your house it really makes it difficult for them . The one thing I always make sure is that I never have anything in my house or car. As long as those places are clean everything is good. If they catch you with shit will you can kiss all this shit goodbye.

Renegade: We will stop here for this month and get ready for the conclusion next month. You guys wont want to miss what these guys talk about. It really give you great insight into the working minds of some if the best sources out there. Stay tuned next month meat monkeys! Until then....
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11-21-2018, 09:45 PM

Good article

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11-22-2018, 08:01 AM

Good read. Thanks for posting this.

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11-22-2018, 08:04 AM

Really got me thinking about some of the bigger message boards, kinda like the idea of a smaller low key board even maybe something not anone can access right away. Ive always been surprised how easy sources were accessible in some other places that's gotta drive l.e. crazy especially when people post t.a. times that show its obviously ******** so basicslly rubbing it in their faces.

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