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Hi Bros
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Join Date: Sep 2018
Hi Bros - 10-21-2018, 10:22 AM

Sorry brothers, I completely spaced on an intro. I don't usually do intros with so much info, but I think it's important to note. So here it goes, I'm 35, 6', 211 lbs and around 18-20% BF (maybe a little higher). About 7/8 years ago I did my first run with a Test only cycle. In the last 7 years I have tried several different compounds and esters. The last few years tho, I started running a higher mg Test cycle(short and long esters) combined with different compounds and/or blends. I'd take Test C and P, Deca and NPP, Tren, Adrol and my AI or SERM and as detailed as I could possibly be I'd have 12 or16 weeks completely laid it (some of you guys can do this in your sleep. lol). A year and half ago I had to take some time off from the gym after my kids mom gave birth to my youngest and it ended up being more time than I had anticipated. During that time she left me, again. So since then (a year ago), Ive had to push myself to get back in the sanctuary. (I had to have a release). It was so half ass at first. It took me a 2 months to even find any discipline. Even with my diet. So before all this even happened everything got ebwn worse. I'll explain how it all came about...
I think I had just turned 12 or 13 and all the sudden started having some serious (testicular) issues. My testicle would out of nowhere swell up 2,3 and even 4 times as big. Went thru so many Drs and never could figure it out. I was always told, "It's twisted." This has caused and is now causing me to have low T. My numbers (at that time were 260) weren't low enough for my Dr. He took no consideration into anything. Not my age or my health that 260 was extremely low. I did blood work for almost an entire year with this Dr. (Dr was also addressing some other health issues I had and was eliminating any other possibilities) During that time my numbers never had even any minimal change. It always seemed to fluctuate with excercise and diet before this. I knew this because I would have to periodically do bloods to make sure all my levels were ok. During the time I took off after the baby my T number just didn't move. My Dr had no intentions to create, offer or provide any options. Just a deal with it type thing. 250-1100 was considered Avg. for him so that was that. I was absolutely miserable, all the time. No energy, no sexdrive, Nothing! I felt like a bad dad! I just couldnt do it anymore. (This is around the time she left. I watched her walk out of my life for the last time tho.) So, about 9 months ago I made a decision to put myself on TRT. T Cyp @ 200mg a week. (I just had no means financially afford to see a low T Dr. Not as a single dad with 4 kids. They come first). Seemed to me at aroud 3-4 weeks is when I knew I had made the right decision. At about a month I'm finally feeling energized and back to being daddy. I just felt so much better about myelf, about everything and have continued to.
I DO NOT recommend, encourage or even condone this for anyone to try.
This is something I had to put a lot of thought into. Because I'll now be on TRT for the rest of my life.
Just sharing some things about myself since I had some serious life changing events happen in a short time frame. But now that I've finally gotten everything in sync, I've been putting aot of thought into a cycle again soon. (Nothing extreme.) Hopefully run a compound or two. Mast maybe Primo. Nothing that will heavily aramotize. Maybe even just something basic. I take this lifestyle extremely serious. My overall health and wellness is a huge concern to me. I pay extreme attention to my blood work and take time to stay in tune with my body. I apologize for this being so long. I just feel its an important part of the puzzle. I've never given this kind of detail in an intro. I have a lot of respect for this community and their opinions. I have not and will not fall deaf to anyones concerns, recomendations or anything else coming from a brother. If you read all this, thanks for taking the time to. To the Vets here, I have Mad Respect for you. For continuing to pour your time, sweat, knowledge and experience into this place for the benefit of the community. Stay safe brothers. I appreciate you all and hope to learn from you! Thanks!

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Join Date: Aug 2005
Thumbs up 10-21-2018, 09:41 PM

Nice in depth intro! Proud to have you with us here at ANASCI.
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Giant Lab
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Location: HK
10-21-2018, 10:04 PM

Welcome, Bro!

Vince from Giant Lab:
Contact us: [email protected]
HGH 99% and peptides!

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Registered User
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10-22-2018, 09:35 PM

Welcome to the forum. Low testosterone levels can change your outlook on life and it can be hard to get back. Glad to hear you have changed your life around.
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AnaSCI Major Sponsor
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Location: South China
10-22-2018, 09:59 PM

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Welcome to the board!

For more information, please visit:
Or email: [email protected]
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10-25-2018, 01:03 AM

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lycan Venom
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10-28-2018, 01:59 AM

Welcome to forum.

Use code LycanVenom to get 5% off your next Synthetek Order.
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11-10-2018, 11:28 PM

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11-24-2018, 08:27 PM

Thanks for the great intro. Welcome to the board.
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