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Interesting Tamoxifin article
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Interesting Tamoxifin article - 07-04-2005, 08:21 PM

This is an abstract from a study done using tamoxifen on established cases of gynecomastia, of specific interest here men who had already developed lumps in their nipples prior to treatment. The study showed a 100% success rate in resolving (IE getting rid of) lumps in the breast. The success rate was not as good however in fatty-deposit gynecomastia.

Reference: Journal of Surgery (John Wiley & Sons Ltd); Jun2003 Supplement 1, Vol. 90 Issue 6, p100, 1/3p

Abstract: Aims: Physiological gynaecomastia can cause considerable psychological morbidity. We aimed to confirm recent suggestions that tamoxifen therapy alone may resolve this condition. Methods: All men referred from January to December 2002 with gynaecomastia had clinical signs recorded such as type, i.e. diffuse fatty or retro-areolar lump and size, together with possible aetiology. If clinical examination was inconclusive, histological diagnosis was sought. Patients with gynaecomastia were offered oral tamoxifen 20 mg once daily for 6 to 12 weeks. On follow-up patients were assessed for complete resolution (CR), partial resolution where the patient was satisfied with outcome (PR) or no resolution (NR). A successful outcome was regarded as either CR or PR. Results: Thirty-six men were given tamoxifen for physiological gynaecomastia. All completed the course and none were lost to follow up. Median age of patients was 31 (range 18-64). Median duration of gynaecomastia prior to diagnosis was 4 months (1-120). Tenderness was a feature in 25 (71%) cases. Sixteen men (45%) had fatty gynaecomastia whilst the remainder had lump gynaecomastia. Median tamoxifen duration was for 12 weeks (4-12). For lump gynaecomastia, there was a 100% (n = 20) successful outcome in terms of resolution of the lump and tenderness. However this decreased to 62 % (n = 10) success for resolution of fatty gynaecomastia and its associated tenderness. Only one case recurred after 7 months. Conclusions: Oral tamoxifen is a very effective treatment for physiological gynaecomastia and its associated tenderness. This effect is most marked for those with a retro-areolar lump gynaecomastia.
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