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bicep tear, bone tumor (benign)
Alpine's Avatar
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Join Date: Aug 2004
bicep tear, bone tumor (benign) - 07-10-2005, 05:01 PM

I know it’s a long read but I would really appreciate any advice/experience on this.

Background: Age – 23 - College - I’ve done 1 bulking cycle per year for 3 years now. I would consider my dosages and compounds low to normal in comparison to many. I try to be careful not to cross the line between wise use and abuse.

1st – ICN Test E – 500mg/wk – 10 weeks
2nd – 4 weeks Dbol (30mg), ICN 500mg/wk – 12 weeks
3rd – 5 weeks Dbol (30mg), Iranian Test E 500mg/wk, BD Para 300mg/wk – 14 weeks

I recently injured my bicep doing heavy one arm preacher curls (pretty bad on the bicep anyway – I tend to also overextend at the end really stretching it). I was about 6-7 weeks out from my last cycle. I really don’t feel I had fully recovered even though I did the absolute best PCT you can (clomid/nolva/ HCG jumpstart) not to mention some Lean Xtreme (possible anti-cortisol benefits). Tren seemed to shut me down harder than previous cycles. I also noticed significantly more testicle atrophy this time around. The results were fantastic though. I had also recently started and internship and was adjusting to new sleeping patterns, less food (bad timing), and general stress/being tired when getting home from 8-5 job. I was feeling very run down and tired in the evening workouts. I felt a sharp twitch/pain mid-rep in my second set of curls. The next day I could hardly hold anything in my left hand – even a gym bag hurt. I had always had a slight weakness feeling in that arm. When I overtrained I recall getting “weak” pulled type muscle feel in that arm multiple times previously. It would always go away after a week or so of resting that bicep. Anyway, It didn’t actually detach (luckily) it but the Orthopedic Doc thought I did indeed tear it based on some resistance movements and stuff he had me do. Upon preliminary X-ray we discovered an abnormality. I knew something was up because even I could see something wasn’t right on the X-ray. On the humerous (long arm bone) almost exactly under the bicep I had a lighter spot in the center of the bone. It was in a semi circular organic shape. Immediately the Doc called up CT scans and a Bone Scan to try and rule out malignant bone tumor. After a week of worrying he called and said that based on looking at them and the growth pattern he could tell it was Benign. The radiologist apparently felt the same way. No removal or biopsy was recommended. He said it appeared to be somewhat old and has probably already gone into remission (shouldn’t get bigger). He even said he thinks in a few years you could barely see it on an xray (wtf, just to make me feel better?). Anyway I feel I lucked out. Still he wants to keep an eye on it so I got back in Sept. for another X-ray to make sure its not getting bigger. If it did keep growing I assume it would have to be removed leading to a large section of arm bone being taken out. This would obviously be bad news. He said he highly doubts it, but who knows. He said there is no know cause for bone tumors but that they are more common than most know. Especially benign ones that never really cause a problem unless discovered by luck like in my case. They seem to effect people between the ages of 10-20 most. Its thought that they arise in areas of rapid growth. Some possible causes include ran*** genetic mutation (nobody is safe) or trauma to the area. A friend of mine crushed his foot and later developed a benign bone tumor in that area.
The Doc said take time off let the muscle heal but gave no specific time frame. Don’t you think 5-6 weeks would be adequate for a minor tear w/out detachment?

I have little to NO history of cancer of any kind on either side of my family. I don’t smoke and the only drugs I’ve taken have been non hormonal supplements (except two bottles of m4ohn) and of course the previously mentioned AAS. I don’t think steroids have anything to do with it since there is absolutely no scientific evidence that AAS “cause” cancer. I do wonder if I my use could have caused it to grow faster. I would assume that being on AAS could possibly accelerate cancer growth that has developed, especially bone. I also wonder if in light of this I should use anything until it’s quite clear that the tumor is not progressing and/or is completely gone or very small. Not quite sure how these things work.

I’ve been out totally for about 5 weeks now. My diet has gone to shit; I’ve lost probably 10lb. For a while I wasn’t eating much at all. I was very stressed for a while - I tend to be a worrier. I was REALLY wanting to jump on 5-6 weeks of Tbol not only to see what all the hype is about but to get going again and start gaining back some of what I lost. I feel deflated, lethargic and sloppy after being out of the loop so long. I wonder if this would be a bad idea. Anyone have any info/experience/advice on this? How long should I stay away from direct bicep work? What do you think about the bone tumor? Anyone with medical experience/background would be greatly appreciated.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger. - Friedrich Nietzsche
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SandMan-WES's Avatar
Posts: 223
Join Date: May 2005
07-10-2005, 06:36 PM

Bro,,, im no medical expert, and never will be one either. The tumor could be from anything,, maybe its been there since your first bike wreck.... The whole thing is are you going to get back up and walk again??? The mind is a powerful thing, but heart can overcome the mind....
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big o
Posts: 592
Join Date: Mar 2005
07-11-2005, 08:04 AM

Relax, I've got one in my left knee..Gandland Cyst..The bad thing is I have 2 tears and my ACL needs another scraping...I'm waiting for Christmas time for the surgery...It's very slow that ttime of year....
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