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PyroDerm - 08-05-2005, 11:46 AM

An exciting NEW product found at - Below is information for those who don't already know facts.


The Pyroderm Transdermal cutting formula utilizes the documented lipolytic effects of alkaloids, plant extracts, stimulants, neurotransmitters, quatemary amine supplements and many other proven fat melting organics.

How it burns fat:

Pyroderm blocks alpha 2 adrenoceptors with YHCl, effectively turning previously protected fat deposits into fuel for energy. Pyroderm contains high levels of organic caffine, a proven diuretic and skin "thinner". Pyroderm uses the botanic power of ginsenosides to lower blood sugar, reduce fatigue and stress, and support the normal function of the hypothalamic pituitary-adrenal axis, the hormonal stress system of the body. Pyroderm induces production of the body's own 'aggression' neurostransmitter nor epinephrine, a known stimulant similar to adrenaline. Pyroderm contains plant-based estrogen scavengers. Estrogen is notorious for creating stubborn fat deposits and more specifically, 'bitch tits' in males. Pyroderm uses plant alkaloids which mildly suppress appetite. Pyroderm elevates endogenous testoserone levels, increasing vigor and naturally raising fat lipolysis rates.


Q: Isn't the pyroderm formula just a rip-off of other topical cutters?
A: No. Our competitors' active ingrediants stop at YHCl and caffine. Pyroderm not only contains more of their actives,
but also dozens of organics proven to cut fat! Add to this transdermal absorption enhancers and it's easy to see
why Pyroderm stands above all others
Q: When is the best time to apply Pyroderm?
A: Since Pyroderm contains mild stimulants, the best time to apply is in the morning.
Q: How much pyroderm comes in a bottle?
A: Each aluminum bottle holds 4oz. of Pyroderm solution: a month's supply.
Q: How should Pyroderm be dosed?
A: We suggest using 1 pump twice daily working up to 4 pumps. Each pump is metered to deliver 1mL.
Q: Where should I apply Pyroderm?
A: Directly on problem areas. Anywhere except near the eyes and mouth as the oleoresin (pepper extract) would
certainly burn!
Q: I'm 25% body fat, will Pyroderm help?
A: No. Pyroderm is designed with the athlete in mind, if you're over 15% body fat, a diet/workout regimen is suggested
before supplementation.
Q: How long before I see results?
A: This depends on many factors: body fat, sex, amount applied and excercise regimen. Most users report visible
results within a couple of weeks.
Q: Are there anyside effects?
A: Yes. Some users report an enhanced sex drive due to the YHCl...

PYRODERM can be found at

Look for our ad this month in Planet Muscle Magazine!!
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