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    sternum chinup

    How would you rank this as a overall back exercise, vs a wide grip pronated pullup?
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    weight training/ cardio

    Would it be better idea to use weight training as cardio? Sort of like HIIT, but instead of sprinting or intervals you would use some type of density training like 8x8 or 10x10 with low rest periods of 20-40 seconds.
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    behind the neck press, lateral head of delts

    I can perform the btn press very comfortably to the point that I can bring the bar down to my traps and pause. I was wondering if I was better served doing lateral raises, to bring up the lateral of the delt. Even though im moving more weight with the btn press. Any advice is much appriciated.
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    20 rep squat program

    Has anyone tried it, and if so what were your results?
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    paused reps

    What are the benefits of eliminating the strech reflex, more power, hypertrophy? And would there be any difference between a paused barbell bench vs paused dumbbell bench. Any advice is much appreciated.
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    critique my split

    I'm big on rest pause training, I have a rep goal of twenty reps, I try to get there in the least amount of sets as possible, for pressing movements I use 6 mini sets, and for everything else I use 5 mini sets. Upper.) Military press- 6 mini sets- 20 reps Weighted v grip Chinup- 6...
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    advice for aas cycle

    Hi, I plan on competing in the NPC next year, currently I'm 20 years old, 5'9 205-210, 10-12% body fat. I know most people would be against anyone using as under 25 years old, because of the tedencies of people my age of abusing gear or not having a solid foundation of nutrition and training...