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    pic of me a few years ago

    Thanks man
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    PASS OUT/FAINT from Glute injection?

    Had alot of new guys I injured pass out
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    IV-gear ?

    I thought he changed his email addresses, Not positive. If you get a list from him it will be on it Let us know how you make out
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    Breakfast With High Protein

    Think I’m going to try that in the morning Thank you for posting it for every one
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    New Platform - XenForo

    I can't find pm's
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    New Platform - XenForo

    The site is nice and quick Great too see you guys again. I thought this site was gone like all the other ones are.
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    MK 677 good read

    I my self I had to watch my glucose big time. With my heart meds, not really sure if I will ever try it again. Do love the stuff though
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    RIP John Meadows

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    Cardiologist today

    I kept feeling winded- gurgling and pressure on left side of chest- - so uncomfortable. It kicks the shit out of me They did ultrasound and stress test today- Blood pressure started 70/120 and ended 100/190 They said I have- Premature ventricular contractions And leaking valves. Hope I said the...
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    Artificial sun

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    Weather modification

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    1,120 pound bench press

    Powerlifter Jimmy Kolb Bench Presses All-Time World Record, 508 Kilograms Equipped The 2021 IPA Bench Press World Champion pushed the limit on what a human being can bench. Written by Phil BlechmanLast updated on June 29th, 2021 Jimmy Kolb has done what no other human has done before. The bench...
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    Benefits of Masturbation

    10 UNIQUE BENEFITS OF MASTURBATING From boosting your mood to preventing cancer, here are 10 reasons why solo sessions are great for your health. By Christina Simonetti We’re all human. It’s normal for you to fulfill your sexual needs and desires regardless of whether your partner is present...
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    Will Masturbation really afffect your Gains?

    A Top Trainer Explains Whether Masturbation Can Really Affect Your Gains Jeff Cavaliere looks at the hard science behind the myth. BY PHILIP ELLIS JUN 26, 2021 It used to be common advice in the world of sports: coaches would "forbid" athletes from having sex or masturbating before a big game...
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    If any one think any thing is spam just go to the top right side of the post and push the little thing (not sure what is called) looks like a little picture of paper to me- just push that and report it. We just had a jack ass put 3 posts in the female section - it was picture of naked woman- so...
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    Come on guys post up

    Come on guys Let’s get this place rocking again. I know people are coming here each day to see if there is some thing new. But no one is posting- let’s bring this place above the glory it used to be. You can post about any thing really- post about how your but stinks, and thing- well not but...
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    Ostarine 2866. Good read- little intro

    Ostarine is a tentative drug mainly used by athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts. Even though it has yet to be approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for certain safety reasons and has deemed them illegal, this has not stopped it from being pre***inantly used in the market. In...
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    MK 677 good read

    Patient Care MK-677(Ibutamoren) Review: What is it? Benefits, Side Effects, Where to Buy? By Team - June 26, 202010578 If you are reading this, then you sure ran past the MK-677 GH secretagogue. Wondering what it really is? You are about to discover everything that you need to know about...
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    Anabolics for wound healing

    The Role of Anabolic Hormones for Wound Healing in Catabolic States Robert H. Demling, MD Additional article information Abstract Objective: The purpose of this paper is to present an overview of the interrelationship between hormones, nutrition, and wound healing. Methods: The data on...
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    Advanced Bodybuilding Rep Schemes

    Advanced Bodybuilding Rep Schemes I’m sure it’s been drilled into your heads as much as it was drilled into mine, low reps and heavy weight for building and high reps and moderate weight when trying to get “toned.” What a bunch of bullshit! Do you have any idea how much I’ve gone outside of the...