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  1. gutter

    @anasci.org Email not working.

    Hey guys, is anyone having a problem with there anasci email, mine does not appear to be recieving any email. I can send an email from my anasci.org account back to my anasci.org account and will recieve. I can also send something from my anasci email and it will send it properly. But if I...
  2. gutter

    Beta Blocker -Atenolol for Blood pressure, and Clen

    I am on Atenolol, which is a Beta Blocker for high blood pressure. What interactions does this have with Clen, does it make the Clen useless????Help needed. Thanks,
  3. gutter

    Grapeseed Oil Question

    Hello, wondering if anyone for there homebrew uses this grapeseed oil from Le Mélange. http://www.lemelange.com/oil_liquid_cream_wax_g_-_p.htm It is such a good price, do you need to heat it up to sterilize it or will the BA and syring filter be enough? Thanks again.
  4. gutter

    Test/Tren/Deca Cycle Questions

    Have some more questions on Test Ent, Tren, Deca cycle also in this 2004 Anabolic reference Manual. "Tren/Test/Deca (Mass Builder) Wk1 Test E 200mg Wk2 Test E 200mg Wk3 Test E 200mg Tren A 150mg Wk4 Test E 200mg Tren A 150mg Wk5 Test E 200mg...
  5. gutter

    Tren/Winny Only Cycle

    Hello, I have a copy of the Anabolics 2004 Reference Manual, inside describes certian cycles. One that has caught my eye is the following cycle (word for word guote": "Tren/Winny (Cutting Cycle) Wk1 Tren 150mg Wk2 Tren 150mg Winny 150mg Wk3 Tren 150mg Winny 150mg Wk4 Tren 150mg...
  6. gutter

    Canada Customs

    Just curious how people have made out shipping things into Canada? Any problems?
  7. gutter

    Finaplix-H vs. Component T-H

    Hey guys is there any difference between Finaplix-H and Component T-H specifcally converting to poweder or crystal? Only difference I can see is that the Component T-H comes in 20 does packs @200mg which eguals 4000mg while the Finalplux carts are 2000mg. Thanks guys..