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    The Truth About Peak Week

    The Truth About Peak Week - YouTube
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    John Meadows | Heavy Rack Pulls | Workout to Blast your Back

    Heavy Rack Pulls | Workout to Blast your Back - YouTube
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    Natural Mr.Olympia

    Natural Mr.Olympia - YouTube 5ft8 205 pounds contest condition. Thoughts?
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    John Meadows Speaks on Drugs & Nutrition for Bodybuilding

    John Meadows Speaks on Drugs & Nutrition for Bodybuilding - elitefts.com - YouTube
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    Musclemag 2008 interview with Mike Matarazzo

    Saw this on PM. Always like MM. The last interview with mike matarazzo - YouTube
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    Bodybuilder Salute

    Just saw this posted on the anasci twitter page:sSig_rofl::muscles:
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    Flex Wheeler Then & Now

    Saw this elsewhere and thought it was cool
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    What they were taking in the 80's

    Saw this posted on PM. Seemed interesting: Alright, so before we get into the questions, lets start with a bit of your background. When would you say you were most active in the bodybuilding scene? "I started lifting when I was 14 but when I was 19 I did my first cycle. This was in 1981, I was...
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    Tren Cough

    Is there any way that you guys avoid this? I use to only get it every once in a great while and it would last maybe 5 minutes. Now it's to the point where every shot of Tren Ace no matter where I inject almost immediately goes to my lungs.:banghead:
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    Epic Rap Battles

    Has anyone seen any of these on youtube? I ran across them today and some of them are pretty funny:D Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2. - YouTube
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    Mast and Tren

    Any of you ever mix the two in the same syringe? I was prepping a couple of shots for the week today. One was Test and Mast and the other was Tren and Mast. When I came in tonight to finish prepping the rest for the week I noticed the oil in the Tren/Mast one was green now?
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    Bio-Tech Cyp

    Torque comes through with the Bio-Tech Cyp from the contest:sHa_thumbsup3:
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    Kevin Levrone @ 49

    Still looks great for 49 years old! Muscle memory at work there fellas!
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    Crazy Cycles

    What is the craziest cycle/s you've ever run? With amount of long term users we have here should be interesting to see what people have run throughout the years:muscles:
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    Doggcrapp Training System

    Jason Wojo and Franco Ditillo - Dante Trudel's Doggcrapp Training System - YouTube
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    Recent Arnold Pic

    Getting back into great shape!
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    Big Ronnie Back at it!

    3 months after double hip replacement:eek:
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    FedEx Indicted over Drug Trafficing

    FedEx charged with trafficking drugs for Web pharmacies
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    taIPan Products

    Here is a pic of IPG's new taIPan line vials. Very smooth and no post injection pain at all! I also noticed that the first 3 vials I used were 12ml instead of 10ml!! Can't bitch about extra:sHa_thumbsup3: This group hasn't been around longer then everyone else for no reason:action-smiley-033:
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    Gun permit suspended over medication

    Gun permit suspended over medication | WIVB.com AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) - The NYS SAFE Act is billed as a necessary law to protect the public and keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. But Hamburg attorney Jim Tresmond says his client was notified by letter that his gun permit was...