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    New To Masteron

    Going to give mast a run for the first time ever. Interested to see how you guys dose it? My cycle will be 300 test E 200 tren E Either 200 or 400 mast E I had originally planned to run the mast at 200 but from what I'm reading seems most people like to run it higher. I don't generally run...
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    Quick Noob Question on B&C

    Hi guys, maybe asking a stupid question here but... When you guys are cruising between blasts, do you count the time it takes for the blood level to drop as part of your cruise? When I hear people say they do things like 8 week blast/12 week cruise I'm never sure if that factors in a few weeks...
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    My First Ever Cut Cycle

    So the plan is to spend the rest of the year getting mahoosive and then at the start of next year peel away the extra fluff to reveal the sexy underneath. I generally drop bodyfat pretty easily so I'm trying to use as conservative amounts as can be. Plan is: Test E - 500mg/week Var - 50mg/day...
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    Letro Dosage Guidelines

    Hi guys, I used to use letro as my AI a couple of years ago and it was great. Never had any E related problems; everything was fine. Switched to aromasin the last couple of cycles and I hate that shit. I just don't seem to respond well to it at all and have had high E sides every time. So...
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    Short Cycles

    So when I cycle, I usually grow like a weed for the first 4 weeks, then grow a little more weeks 5 and 6, then it pretty much stops, although I still get strength gains. So what I'm thinking is why bother going longer than 4 weeks? I could just blast some short esters and an oral for 4 weeks...
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    How To Train During Next Cycle

    I'm just thinking out loud here, and I know that it's a try-it-and-see type situation, but I can't decide how I should train during my next cycle. When I'm off steroids, I train 3x a week push/pull/legs. I've tried every split under the sun and it seems like this is the most effective way for...
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    Got Me Some MK-677

    Finally took the plunge and ordered some MK-677. After reading JohnJuan's thread in its entirety I figured I'd be an idiot not to! Going to add it in at the end of the month when I start my PCT, and continue running for a month or so after. The idea is that it'll minimise muscle loss during...
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    nolva dose for gyno

    Well, it seems 12.5mg of aromasin wasn't enough! Haha. The gyno fairy visited last night, so I'm on the nolva wagon. Letro's gotten rid of my gyno fairly easily in the past so I'm not freaking out, but I'd rather just up my aromasin to 25mg/day and blast the shit with nolva. What do you guys...
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    Got Some Pharm Grade

    Planning my first ever run with pharm grade test so it's an exciting time to be me! One thing, though: do you swab the amps before opening? Like around the neck?
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    SARMs between Cycles

    (Apologies if this is in the wrong place, I figure because it concerns SARMs and steroids it could go in either section) So after a conversation with the very wise and very helpful Elvia, I've gotten to thinking about SARMs. I've just finished a PCT, and will be waiting for 12 weeks now before...
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    Help With Aromasin Dose

    I usually use letro as my AI but I'm thinking that I might switch to aromasin for my next cycle. Considerably more expensive (I am not a rich man...) but I like the idea of aromasin not affecting my lipids as much. But having never used it, I have literally zero idea what dosage to use. A...
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    Clen For Women

    Hi guys, A friend of mine's decided she wants to use clen. She actually wanted to use var as well but I talked her out of it. Assuming she keeps the clen doses sensible, is there anything in particular about women taking the drug that she needs to be aware of? I've explained to her how clen...
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    letro and nolva together

    Hi guys, Is there any truth to the idea that nolva lowers serum concentrations of letro? Seems to be the common idea but it's hard to get a definitive answer on. Thanks
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    Sore Nipples on Drol

    Hi guys, Running some drol at the moment, about a week in and my nipples really hurt! My pre-existing lump doesn't feel like it's growing any, so I'm not freaking out too much, but it'd be nice if I could calm it down. I'm running 0.6mg letro e3d as my AI, and 20mg of nolva a day to try and...
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    Combining Winstrol and Anadrol

    I know, I know, very liver toxic... ...but has anyone done it? How was it?
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    Anadrol and Progestin/Prolactin

    Hi guys, I've never used drol before but I was thinking I might give it a try. Thing is I am VERY sensitive to prolactin sides, and I've heard drol activates the progesterone receptor, so could that not cause a rise in prolactin?
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    How To Dose Cutting Cycle

    I've never really used AAS to help lean out, as I maintain fairly low body fat thanks to my genetics. Thinking I might do a cheeky cutting cycle though just to maintain muscle and let me cut a bit more aggressively. I'm thinking I want to use the minimum I can get away with, not really looking...
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    healthy lipids

    As the title suggests, what are you guys doing to keep a healthy lipid profile?
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    What's the deal with this stuff? What are you guys using it for? What does it give you that estered test doesn't? Do you use it as a pre-workout for a boost or something? Or to kickstart cycles?
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    nolva and IGF - 1

    So apparently nolva lowers IGF - 1. Does anybody avoid using it in PCT for this reason?