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  1. AtomAnt

    Transplant Tomorrow!

    Guys, heading into the hospital shortly. The transplant is monday morning at 6am. I should be done by 6-7pm and into ICU after. If y'all don't hear from me, you know where I'll be. Thank you very much for the generosity with the auction. I love you guys here. You are all amazing. We will...
  2. AtomAnt

    Mr. and Mrs. Atomant!!!!!

    I figured I would share this here with the anasci family... I am now a married man! On Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 6:33PM, my best friend, my training partner, the love of my life and my absolute world became my wife. To say I was happy is the biggest understatement ever. We were both elated and...
  3. AtomAnt

    Dignosed with Liver Cancer

    Last Monday I had a biopsy done and the results just came back today. I am positive for hepatocellular carcinoma. I have a primary liver cell tumor and it appears to be isolated to the liver. I am beside myself. The oncologist will call me with how to proceed and we will have a meeting to...
  4. AtomAnt

    GI Issues and Dietary Considerations

    Another member was inquiring about how I deal with my GI issues, and rather than have the discussion in a "Happy Birthday" thread I felt it was better to bring it into the open where others would be more apt to see the thread and off their own advice and experiences. I've been dealing with...
  5. AtomAnt

    thebrick's - What are you Training Today?

    Been out of commission and quarantined until Thursday...
  6. AtomAnt

    weight training/ cardio

    Hold on, let me drag my lab into the gym.... If I was an endurance athlete I'd measure vo2 max. This is bodybuilding... I do what makes he look pretty lol I don't do cardio post workout. Off season, I do cardio on off days, at lunch or before work. I don't know how cardio post workout would...
  7. AtomAnt

    Solid Showing - AtomAnt Class Win

    Some new pics from the win this weekend... That's 2 wins
  8. AtomAnt

    Solid Showing - AtomAnt Class Win

    Appreciate it! Some stage pics
  9. AtomAnt

    Solid Showing - AtomAnt Class Win

    I out up a great showing yesterday and had awesome conditioning. It was close for the overall and despite having the best conditioning I was edged by the heavyweight for the overall. I'll have more pics from the photographer this week... The stage pics had a lot of glare and you can't see much
  10. AtomAnt

    Building a Bigger Bantam

    Just a little update...
  11. AtomAnt

    thebrick's - What are you Training Today?

    Just wanted to post some pics
  12. AtomAnt

    thebrick's - What are you Training Today?

    Traveling but keeping my progress going...
  13. AtomAnt

    Testing Raws

    Hey y'all... a friend of mine asked me for some help in finding a lab where he can test his raw powders to ensure they are legit. He is located domestically and would prefer to find a domestic laboratory if he can. He wants a lab that is able to provide a detailed analysis and pick up any...
  14. AtomAnt

    M4BTeam Pre-Summer Transformation Contest

    Just for fun, I'm gonna transform with y'all... Just posting pics but I'm just here for motivation...
  15. AtomAnt

    thebrick's - What are you Training Today?

    Hoping to get back to normal tomorrow...took these today
  16. AtomAnt

    M4BTeam Pre-Summer Transformation Contest

    To kick summer off right, the M4Bteam would like to help out several lucky members by offering a pre-summer transformation contest! The M4BTeam Pre-Summer Transformation contest Prizes: $500.00 1st place store credit $300.00 2nd place store credit $200.00 3rd place store credit Apply by...
  17. AtomAnt

    thebrick's - What are you Training Today?

    I hit an extra leg session tonight... 16 weeks out
  18. AtomAnt

    Accelerated Cardio Program

    I wanted to share a nice little cardio plan I found to be highly effective at stripping body fat.... See if you like it First, it can be done fasted or not, but preferably you want to wait at least 3 hours after eating May take caffeine and yohimbine HCl (.2mg per Kg of BW) before hand Start...
  19. AtomAnt

    Mike Eaton Raw DL 804.5lbs

    I train with this guy almost every morning and he is one of the nicest, most humble guys you will meet. And I know he is 100% natural... All I have to say, it BEAST! 1 25 14 Mike Eaton DL for 804.5 lbs, then he goes for more!! - YouTube
  20. AtomAnt

    Atomant's Next Training Phase - Volume

    Legs keep getting better. No filter on these pics