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    Big thanks to the following sources/sponsors.

    The staff here would like to give a huge thanks to the best sources/sponsors on the boards.Two members received from the following donors and we would like to recognize the selfless generosity shown to members in need of a hand from the brothers here. In no particular...
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    2 auctions each valued over $1000 dollars for a good cause!!

    Hey guys we have 2 auctions for some board brothers needing our help! Look in the sources thread and look at the lists of the highest quality aas/ ancillaries and peps! auction ends friday night 11:59est. Don't miss out! The proceeds will help 2 great board members with serious medical...
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    2 big auctions each over $1000 value in the source thread!

    We have two really nice auctions in the sources thread gong on right now! Each auction has a variety of aas ancills and peps with value over $1000! The proceeds go to benefit two members with some very difficult medical situations. Both great members in need. Here is a chance to help your...
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    Auction 2 for psych and Atomant

    2fts shirts 25 norma test enanthate 4 npp 3 ipamorelin 5000mcg added 1acvr2b ace 331 1000mcg added 1follistatin 1000mcg added 3 test enanthate ADDED 15g dnp 2 tren A 150 clen tabs 60 30mg ephedra $200 M4B store credit. there may be more items added but for now bid with the above list in...
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    Auction 1 for psych and Atomant

    25 norma test E 20ml trestolone 2 tren A... added 100 t-3 tabs and 100 clen 1cialis added 1viagra added 1 clen added 2 ipamorelin 5000 mcg added 1 acvr2b(ace331)added 1follistatin344 1000mcg added 5 EQ 3 elite fts shirts 2 test cyps $150 psl auction ends the 18th 1159pm est. good...
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    Sources please read.

    We have a member down.Near fatal auto accident. Not out of the woods yet . One leg is in limbo . His injuries are severe. Member is psych.. recent 220 national and world champ powerlifter. I would like to do a auction with proceeds to member psych. If you would like to participate PM me. any amt...
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    Lamar Gant Awesome way back then

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    Derek Kendall bench and military

    http://youtu.be/WVhJDtClP1Q Look for the almost 315 x30 military after the 405 x10 military. You don't see this everyday! LOL... T
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    Derek kendall 500x 13 flat bench

    http://youtu.be/HlpgCqQSJr4 Good friend of Psych and I . Freaky strong.... Thx , T..........
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    derek kendall 825 front squat!

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    Ed Coan inducted into York hall of fame.

    Our own Eddie Coan was inducted into the York hall of fame friday That is just so old school cool. Could not think of a more deserving inductee. I'm sure Psych, Its me, Chickenhawk Iron built and other friends of Ed would agree. A big Congrats to the G.O.A. T.. !!!! Thanks , T.....................
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    Derek Kendall 1037 squat with wraps

    Derek Kendall 1037 raw squat - YouTube Looking for a world record raw squat in June. jeez whiz!! <(me showing my geezer'ed ness). T
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    Derek Kendall 500lbs Military Press

    Derek Kendall 500lbs Military Press - YouTube
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    Favorite Size strength cycle?

    What cycle has yielded your best combo of size and strength gains? I'm curious of what are favorites for peoples size and strength acquisition. Her is my no frills favorite simple and effective in my exp. Test , deca and dbol . I prefer inj dbol but the frequent pins can be annoying for me...
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    DereK front squat knne sleeves belt 800lbs!

    Derek 800lb front squat belt and knee sleeves - YouTube Now this is badass!!!!! Holy f--k! T
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    Derek Kendall 700 for 11 reps knee sleeves and belt

    Derek Kendall 700 x 11 belt and knee sleeves squat - YouTube One of the Its Me ,Psychs ,and T's gym buds... T
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    Write /contribute to Anasci newsletter #13

    Open call for members to write for Anasci news letters. 13 is in the works. I'm sure there are some knowledgable members in our community that would enjoy writing. Check out the previous issues for general guidelines. Hardcore welcome!!. If you'd like to contribute your knowledge /talent...
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    Generation X bodybuilding

    Hey guys/gals . thought i'd remind some of you that have yet to check out a great board to hit up generationx bodybuilding. Love that place . Genx atmosphere is the only other board i know that has that great Anasci feel . There are some differences but in good ways. Go check it out. You will...
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    Why do you come to Anasci?

    Good morning.. I could have posted this in general but I believe most pop in to this thread more often. We all have various agendas and reasons we are on this board. List some of your's . I think this may be very intersting. I'll go first. #1 Love for the iron. Been doing most of my life and...
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    Eric Liiliebridge goes 2254 raw @275

    Eric Lilliebridge- 2,254lbs PR Raw total w/ wraps @ 275lbs (Almost 2,309lbs!!) - YouTube Sooo close!!!!. . Very cool.......! T