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  1. Concreteguy

    It's hard to bet against Phil

    But it does look like Brandon will be making it interesting to say the least. https://youtu.be/KL5bHYP5-yc
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    Working with Justin Harris

    Thought I would just post a couple check in shots. I'm 205lbs at 5'9" and age 60. I'm on test c and NPP. Justin Harris has structured a almost 100% liquid diet to make sure Im not getting a third bowel obstruction from force feeding. In all fairness Monte suggested this to me a year ago. My...
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    News in the industry

  4. Concreteguy

    Getting back on my feet again

    Hey it's been a little while and Im sorry for that. I got sick again but Im better now. Think I may be toying with the idea of a getting back in shape log? Anyway, I'm back and it feels good!
  5. Concreteguy

    Hunter is the real deal

    This guy has an incredible shape https://youtu.be/TfMxaM89HFs
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    This guy was GOOD for our sport. He will be missed. (Good people) https://youtu.be/jbnUIoNEEvg
  7. Concreteguy

    At the age of 22

    Can you believe this kid? Good God, what potential! https://youtu.be/tdI7oNzkIKQ
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    Evolution of Mass Monsters

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  10. Concreteguy

    I have now seen and heard ((IT ALL))

    I don't care what you think you have seen and heard. It isn't this madness! https://youtu.be/r_Ny2fZFPlw
  11. Concreteguy

    Don't forget Kevin

    Lets not forget the greats here guys. https://youtu.be/734AuFUFkGg
  12. Concreteguy

    Don't forget Mike

    Gotta love this guys. The peoples champion! https://youtu.be/EUPv8pQnVk0
  13. Concreteguy

    John Meadows UPDATE

    It's all good. I'm happy for him and his family. https://youtu.be/LsCnAdyTrqY
  14. Concreteguy

    John Meadows (HEART ATTACK)

    Hospitalized after a heart attack? Can you even imagine ? https://youtu.be/gTT_TjxVpiw
  15. Concreteguy

    LUKE SANDOE has passed

    What terrible news. This vid says he took his own life. I was a huge fan and saw him as a guy that could win the O. He has a great contract with REDCON and on the outside seamed to be happy. God bless him and his family members. So sad......... https://youtu.be/dPQmcdOZNlQ...
  16. Concreteguy

    Phil Heath has one more in him

    His return would breath some life back in the sport. I think he would hand Curry his ass on a stick. https://youtu.be/BMK2_EXLd7w
  17. Concreteguy

    A glimmer of hope

    Guys my wife and I went to the local ACME today and guess what? They had all the shelves filled with EVERYTHING as if the madness didn't even exist. Even had shit paper. One only per buyer. I have to admit it had a calming effect on my brain. The employees told me that this should be back to...
  18. Concreteguy

    Training at home

    I went out and purchased 20,30 and 40lb dumbells. I have a flat bench and I also ordered a hanging two arm sling to do abbs from. What are you guys doing?
  19. Concreteguy

    Cris Dickerson suffers Heart attack

    The guy is on a vent in I.C.U. Not good at all. Lets all say a prayer! https://youtu.be/MjRSI9CFuAw
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    Crazy world we live in

    I just went from Walmart to ACME trying to buy F-ing meat of any kind and the shelves are empty. ZERO red meat of any kind Zero chicken of any kind. What are these morons thinking with all the hording? TV is pumping out over and over not to do this and there is NO supply issues but with the...