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  1. The Grim Repper

    New Platform - XenForo

    Well, hello sunshine! Good to see some familiar faces still here!
  2. The Grim Repper

    thebrick's - What are you Training Today?

    HItting some quads and hams today - providing my right ham doesn't squawk at me too much.
  3. The Grim Repper

    It's time to get HUGE!

    E., great log from what I've checked out. Great to see you and that you're still killing it brother.
  4. The Grim Repper

    Rotator Cuff Injury - BPC-157 to the rescue!

    Tweaked my left cuff three weeks ago thursday during a very intense chest routine. So, as some of you long-time members here might remember, I did a TB500 and BPC-157 log for quad tendonitis. I went back to the gym this time a week later, had been icing using NSAIDS with some relief, but I...
  5. The Grim Repper

    What's YOUR Fortune?...

    So, my girl gets this in a fortune cookie and since she's cool as hell, mounts this on some art board for me. I'm seriously framing this as we were talking 'gains' sort of as a running joke for days prior. :headbang:
  6. The Grim Repper

    "Anonymous" interview by Tom Platz and Pro BBers.

    Obviously, Ronnie's up first talking insulin and working with Chad. https://youtu.be/nZTty-tCWTc
  7. The Grim Repper

    New Crossfit protein powder

    New product specifically aimed at Crossfit athletes. Looks promising.
  8. The Grim Repper

    GrimRepper Log

    I will be writing each and every day. This is a 'diary' of sorts and since others have put their trust in me to deliver, I'll do so. I'll be checking in later today, after my workouts with some more detail on my split, diet and products of course! Let's get this party started. Grim
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    LOTS of amazing content in these newsletters. FREE and no BS. Just the real deal in our sport. Let's kick these SOBs to life, start reading, sharing, rereading these. People sweat blood to bring these to you, get reading and learning and start GROWING.
  10. The Grim Repper

    Mind Your Own Business....Really.

    Took the kids to a carnival tonight. Great right? Sort of. Spent $100 for 'all night' bracelets allowing for riding any ride as many times, all night, one price. Fiscal smarts. We got em. Well, not so fast. With waits for most rides being over 20 minutes, it soon became apparent to me that...
  11. The Grim Repper

    What's The Frequency Kenneth?

    In case you're too young to remember, this REM tune was named after two unknown assailants punched Dan Rather in the face while repeating 'Kenneth, what's the frequency?' Anyway. I've been having an 'uh-huh' moment as of late regarding the frequency of my training. For the past two weeks, I've...
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  13. The Grim Repper

    Rain: Terminated

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Windscreen Wiper - YouTube LOL
  14. The Grim Repper

    Week one, new split

    Four on, one off, one on what I call 'tidy up' training. Extra work for lagging, rehab, etc. whatever YOU need right now. followed by one off then repeat. So far so good. I'm going to talk about this as well as diet and supplementation strategies and let's see what happens. Grim
  15. The Grim Repper

    77 Year Old Powerlifter

    This lady is amazing. Have a wonderful day brothers and sisters in iron. This 77-year-old grandma can lift more than you - YouTube
  16. The Grim Repper

    Dealing with injuries, setbacks and life in general.

    I'm not sure, but I don't think there's a specific area/thread which deals with this topic here which I think can help people out enormously. From injuries, to sickness (both physical and emotional), setbacks, life events/changes these are the things people deal with every day. In the life of...
  17. The Grim Repper

    Fight Club

    "The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club" The same holds true for AAS. While I think it's careless etc., for guys to discuss it in the gym - (you know the type, "yeah bro, I'm on 500 test, 300 deca, some dbol, yeah... Ok, you're fucking cool man. We get it. Then...
  18. The Grim Repper

    Bitch & Moan

    OK, let's hear your bodybuilding bitching and moaning. 98lb dope and his 5 friends curling in the power rack while you wait? Late for the gym and stuck behind a guy in Vitamin Shoppe who wants to know what kind of shit he can rub on his nipples to make him ripped in three weeks. Says he saw...
  19. The Grim Repper

    "Blast" from the past

    Like many of us old guys, I have boxes full of old issues of muscle magazines from days long gone. I came across an issue of Muscle Media 2000 from 1996 back when they were still doing stuff nobody would touch. We got the real information about steroids and other PEDs right from the horses'...
  20. The Grim Repper

    Chris Aceto - Championship Bodybuilding

    Chris Aceto - Championship Bodybuilding