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  1. zacharykane

    ZacharyKane's Offseason with Gorilla Farm

    So here are pictures with me actually following directions this time, lol. I wish I could blame prep so I'll say it was my selective dyslexia :D Weight is now 202 and I'm 5'6". I'll be starting to slowly up my gear from this point forward :headbang: These pics were taking about 4 meals deep in...
  2. zacharykane

    ZacharyKane's Offseason with Gorilla Farm

    Got a couple workout updates to post, but wanted to throw up my starting pictures here from about 10 days ago or so. Whatever day I got my pack from Gorilla Farm is when I took these! Weight was 202, hoping to end up around 220 and a tad leaner by the end of this run!
  3. zacharykane

    ZacharyKane's Offseason with Gorilla Farm

    Hey guys, so I was one of the people fortunate enough to be picked by Gorilla Farm to try out some products and run a log. For those that are curious about them, check out the testing results, but I'll definitely be detailing my own experience here as well. For some background, I just came off...
  4. zacharykane

    Zach's Adventures in Bodybuilding

    A quick picture from leg day that the wifey took, I feel like a beginner only squatting 225, but depth was good, hips didn't feel all wonky like they tend to do, and the weight moved pretty evenly without any weird catches. Makes me appreciate the pain I endure to keep things functioning...
  5. zacharykane

    Zach's Adventures in Bodybuilding

    So I've decided to start a log here now that I'm going to be transitioning to an offseason phase. Just a quick background/FYI, I've never really had a 'real' offseason. Meaning, I've only seriously been competing for a couple of years now, and in that time I've had what would be two periods of...
  6. zacharykane

    Zach's Arrived In Pittsburg

    Thanks everyone! Finally was able to get my computer away from the wifey for a moment (got her hooked on game of thrones, lol) so I resized some pics to throw up. Still have a little ways with filling up and dropping water, but I'm feeling great and confident in the game plan we have. I trust MT...
  7. zacharykane

    Zach - 17 Days to Game Time

    Figured I would throw up an update pic from Saturday morning, making weight at this point and definitely feeling the grind of dropping down a weight class, but my confidence is starting to grow as well.
  8. zacharykane

    3.5 Weeks Out

    Figured I would share this over here as well, currently 3.5 weeks out from North Americans. I'll be competing as a welterweight after placing 2nd in the middles at Jr Nats. Hoping to be in the running for the top 5!