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  1. dozisthebeast

    Expired gear

    Cool, thats what i thought. I have sooooo much gear saved up i figured id do a pretty decent cycle since all ive been doing is trt. I havent been on in a while seems like anasci is kinda a ghost town
  2. dozisthebeast

    Expired gear

    I think i may have asked this before but is expired gear still good? Ive keep it 100% dry and out of sunlight and extreme temps, what do you think?
  3. dozisthebeast

    Can I get some insight as someone whos about to do HGH for the first time?

    Lol yes I'm OK, but like any weightlifter worth his salt I can't pass up a really good mirror! I was getting an MRI on my spine L4S1, and I got one on my left shoulder last Thursday lol took a ew good ones there too lol thats mostly why I was looking into the GH, I heard it helps in recovery...
  4. dozisthebeast

    Before pics, waiting on my new order to arrive😉

    Wow I forgot I posted this! I did track it, just didn't post it lol. Oh I'm 5'11" barefoot. And I'm just about to do my first HGH run. TRT will be Monday 1/2 cc of supertren150 (75mg) & 1/2cc Test cyp250 (125mg) an again on Thursday plus what feedback I get on my GH protoca🤘🏻
  5. dozisthebeast

    Hemoglobin (hct) home test kit

    Going off your gear won't "make it go down", it's still in your body. You need to go off and donate, or phlebotomy. TRT doses will require the need for blood donations. You should donate blood anyway if you can, it grows back, and blood alone saves more lives in the emergency rooms than anything...
  6. dozisthebeast

    Can I get some insight as someone whos about to do HGH for the first time?

    Stats: Male/47/5'11"/275 big with a beer belly. I'm planning on using AUCTUS LABS Somatropin (rDNA origin). Just therapeutic dose range. I only know one person who's used it and it shredded him sick! And fast too! He described it as making him feel a lot younger. I had always planned on using gh...
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    New Platform - XenForo

    Looks good!
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    Just for a larf

    Damn I havent posted in a min! Hope everyone is doing well in these fucking insane times! Any ways, am I the only one who gets like, a kid at Christmas excited to finish up a nice 10cc bottle, cause now I get to start using something new!? As I was thinking this to myself this morning and...
  9. dozisthebeast

    Before pics, waiting on my new order to arrive😉

    This was from about two weeks ago. Currently running trt of 300mg test every 10 to 15 days. Yes I know I'm fat lol been a rough year but I'm making steady progress😁
  10. dozisthebeast

    Hey everybody!

    Damn I havent been here in a minute! Been working my ass off! Hope you all are good, and getting big and strong 💪💪❤
  11. dozisthebeast

    PR on my deadlift

    I pulled a 500lb dead lift the other day, first time ever, I was super stoked, so I figured I'd share the good news! I got it up easy, and I'm not on any gear at the moment so I'm super excited to see what happens when I go back on! Hope everyone on the boards is doing great and smashing there...
  12. dozisthebeast

    Is my gear still good?

    I've had a few bottles of gear I've kept in a zip lock bag, in a drawer, and I'm wondering if there still good. I mean, why would they go bad right, I used em for a shot or 2, always cleaned them with alcohol, and kept them in the baggie and in a fanny pack, never handled them with uncleaned...
  13. dozisthebeast

    Lab time!

    Ok I had been posting on the lab & serum post, but now I think this is the better post to be on. K, so I got my labs back my Dr told me I was in the low 300s, obviously that's too low, so she prescribed me test cyp 200mg every two weeks. I'm excited to take some "real" gear from a pharmacy! I...
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    Lab time!

    Hey brothers and sisters, I've decided to come off the gear for a while, and I swear I did it all wrong, no pct I just used a low taper down method, dumb I know, but it is what it is. Now my Dr who's actually really cool when it comes to gear is sending me for labs to see what my body is...
  15. dozisthebeast

    My opinion, failing on attempted lifts.

    Ok so here's my two cents worth, and a lil rant thrown in there too because hey, it's the internet and I've got an asshole. Ok so in today's modern gyms with all the guys screaming and yelling while there filming themselves doing hammer strength rows, yes I've seen it, and yes it sickens me. Hey...
  16. dozisthebeast

    2016 Arnold Classic & my take on it all

    Now leme just start out by saying this all my opinion, doesn't mean anything other then what I think. Now got that out of the way, I just watched it streaming Via Digital Muscle, very cool thing by the way, so props to them! Kai Greene finally steps back on stage! Doods beast! Not his best...
  17. dozisthebeast

    only anasci people can relate!

    Doing squats with a Charlie horse in your leg, from shooting a couple cc's of cottonseed oil, mixed with your favorite anabolic, pure bliss! Lmao
  18. dozisthebeast

    How long after pinning a vial, is it still good to use?

    Just wondering, I used a few cc's out of a bottle of Equipoise back in April or May, and haven't used it since, but I hate to let a bottle just go to waste lol so I was goin to start using it again. Note I always clean with alcohol before and after I use any vial, and have stored it in a plastic...
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    I'm currious about this drug, yes I know it's not a steroid, it's a like an anxiety type of drug I think? Have any of you ever used it, and if so why and what were your experiences?
  20. dozisthebeast

    Prostate supplements?

    Currious, anyone know of any supplements for prostate health? Other then saw palmetto lol