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People who take money and falsely promise the supply of goods are known as "scammers". Other steroid scammer types send fake gear or clones.
Steroid scammers work largely in anabolic discussion groups on the Internet.
They pick off the novice who places an advert for the supply of anabolic steroids.
Here is an example of some of the scams you must be aware of when you are seeking out a source.

The Source Checker Scammer

Any one who sets themselves up as a source checker is a scammer.

There is one of these con men working in two well know discussion groups at this very moment. He uses the email address of the discussion group to make it look like he is authorized.

To further demonstrate his resourcefulness he now has set himself up as a "UK steroid source checker to the USA" ! "What a great guy", we hear you say! Using his own time to help the "bro's" of bodybuilding. (yes and he will likely call you "bro" ) When you ask this particular "source checker" about a source he sends you to his 2nd mail address where there is a "really good bro" ready to help you.

Yes it is the same guy!

This particular scammer is now a moderator on a USA steroid discussion group (yes that one) and he has infiltrated a well known UK group also (yes that one).

NEVER deal with or trust anyone who calls themselves a "source checker". It is the biggest con game in the steroid Internet world.

The Scammer List

Scammer lists can be comprised of both scamming sources and reverse scamming customers. You will find lists of scammers all over the internet on most every forum. You need to be careful which scammers list you view and make sure that the forum is legit.

It is notable that many sites have emerged selling steroids and also hosting scammer lists. The scammer list has now become the tool of the crooked source and the scammers themselves to discredit their competition.

On the scammer lists we find genuine scammers and genuine good and reliable sources. The names of good operators are submitted to these lists by bitter rivals. Anyone can submit a name to these lists and there are no rules or requirements of proof.

AnaSCI was established in 2003 and for over 10 years now we have made sure that scammers - both source and customer have been checked out and multiple layers of proof are required before a name is added. For a complete list of scammers and reverse scammers view here: BEWARE: Scammers List

Scammers can be both sources and customers
The Scammer list must be viewed from a long established, legitimate forum as there are many fake sites out there set up to scam members out of their hard-earned money.

Steroid Bibles

Certain e-zine merchants have popped up on the web claiming to be experts ( gurus ) in steroids.
They claim to be associated with all kinds of wonderful people in the hard core bodybuilding world.
They invariably have a few things to sell (usually a steroid bible).
A recent one we researched claims that site injecting does not work.
The reason for this, according to him, is that if it did, the glutes would be massive, because that is where steroids are most often injected.

That this guy is known as a bufoon is no secret but, joking apart, steroids is a serious subject when it comes to giving direct advise to people using chemicals.
This is a case of someone with some pratical knowledge paying someone to publish a manual and then flogging it on the web. (No you won't find it in Waterstones).
Sticking a needle in yourself and pumping iron however, does not qualify you as a steroid "guru".
So here is some advice on site injecting:
The receptors in the upper arms are more favourable to inflation than the glutes.

Don't get sucked in with e-zine merchants claiming to be connected and all knowing.
They are mostly amateur bodybuilders and hangers on who want to sell a subscription to you by preaching some unique and unfounded point of view. When you sign up to these merchants you will be spammed with e mails full of worthless, misleading and dangerous comments.

Scammer "buyers"

Fortunately this is rare but this creature does occasionally rear his ugly head.
Often known as reverse scammers.
It works this way. The scammer "buyer" threatens to put the source on a scammer list unless the source sends the products he ordered.
(Note our reverence of this list above!!)
There is a little oversight here however. The scammer "buyer" has never ordered or paid for the products!
It is an extortion.
There are a number of variations here but they are always perpetrated by a youth with a low IQ and some dysfunctional personality problem.

If you are a source and you get pestered by this kind of brat then don't bother returning his mail. Just put it on block instantly and get on with answering the genuine clients. Hopefully the chump will give up the computer and go back to watching cartoons on his portable TV.

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