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    The Truth About Peak Week

    The Truth About Peak Week - YouTube
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    John Meadows | Heavy Rack Pulls | Workout to Blast your Back

    Heavy Rack Pulls | Workout to Blast your Back - YouTube
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    Natural Mr.Olympia

    Natural Mr.Olympia - YouTube 5ft8 205 pounds contest condition. Thoughts?
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    John Meadows Speaks on Drugs & Nutrition for Bodybuilding

    John Meadows Speaks on Drugs & Nutrition for Bodybuilding - elitefts.com - YouTube
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    Musclemag 2008 interview with Mike Matarazzo

    Saw this on PM. Always like MM. The last interview with mike matarazzo - YouTube
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    Bodybuilder Salute

    Just saw this posted on the anasci twitter page:sSig_rofl::muscles:
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    Flex Wheeler Then & Now

    Saw this elsewhere and thought it was cool
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    What they were taking in the 80's

    Saw this posted on PM. Seemed interesting: Alright, so before we get into the questions, lets start with a bit of your background. When would you say you were most active in the bodybuilding scene? "I started lifting when I was 14 but when I was 19 I did my first cycle. This was in 1981, I was...
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    Tren Cough

    Is there any way that you guys avoid this? I use to only get it every once in a great while and it would last maybe 5 minutes. Now it's to the point where every shot of Tren Ace no matter where I inject almost immediately goes to my lungs.:banghead:
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    Epic Rap Battles

    Has anyone seen any of these on youtube? I ran across them today and some of them are pretty funny:D Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2. - YouTube
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    Mast and Tren

    Any of you ever mix the two in the same syringe? I was prepping a couple of shots for the week today. One was Test and Mast and the other was Tren and Mast. When I came in tonight to finish prepping the rest for the week I noticed the oil in the Tren/Mast one was green now?
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    Bio-Tech Cyp

    Torque comes through with the Bio-Tech Cyp from the contest:sHa_thumbsup3:
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    Kevin Levrone @ 49

    Still looks great for 49 years old! Muscle memory at work there fellas!
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    Crazy Cycles

    What is the craziest cycle/s you've ever run? With amount of long term users we have here should be interesting to see what people have run throughout the years:muscles:
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    Doggcrapp Training System

    Jason Wojo and Franco Ditillo - Dante Trudel's Doggcrapp Training System - YouTube