AnaSCI Interview: Andy Haman (IFBB Pro Circuit)


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Oct 29, 2012
Interview by: Gary Granaas

Thank you Anasci.org for giving me this chance to have an excuse to interview some of my favorite athletes in the sport and give back to they bodybuilding community I love.

How I met Andy Haman. Three years ago I was looking for IFBB Pro athletes that I felt would be inspirational to my training. I saw Andy Haman's facebook default and noticed how humorous and entertaining he appeared in his Dymatize photo's. He had almost 5000 friends already but I took a chance and friend requested him. I also sent a message asking he friend me up. To my surprise, Andy had actually taken the time to read my profile and noticed my catholic prayer quotes. He replied and granted my request saying "Of course! With quotes like that how can I not!". We have been friends ever since.

GG: How long have you been married to Michelle Haman?

Andy: 21 years but we have known each other 30 years. We own a pediatric dentistry clinic for 21 years as well. To this day, I still love her and chase her naked around the house. I have a better sex life now with her than ever before.

GG: Do you believe in powerlifting or high reps for training?

Andy: I have never been a powerlifter. I train high reps 8-12 or 15-20. I squat heavy occasionally.

GG: What is your favorite exercise?

Andy: I love training legs and doing squats. Slso like preacher curls.

GG: Where is the best place to find you if someone wants to read about you or contact you?

Andy: You can find me at andy-haman.com or at Dymatize.com. I wanted AndyHaman.com but someone had taken my name already but wouldn't sell it to me.

GG: How long have you been lifting?

Andy: I have been lifting for over 33 years as I am now 47 years old. What I find hardest about lifting is getting from the house to the gym. My best advice about training is one word is "Consistency".

GG: When did you win your Pro card?

Andy: I won the Super Heavy and Over All at Masters Nationals in 2007.

GG: What did you do before bodybuilding?

Andy: I was a football and wrestling coach for a highschool. I grew up on a hog farm in Iowa. I miss teaching. My worst job was working the line at a scope mouthwash factory. That job taught me to get my act together. I then went on to get my Master Degree in Administration and Education. I taught physical and health education for 18 years.

GG: Ever thought about acting in movies or tv?

Andy: I now have a reality show trying to shop around called "Meet The Hamans" America's Strongest Family. Keep a look out.

GG: What inspires you?

Andy: My father has always taught me to be kind, gentle, and to smile.

GG: Who is your favorite bodybuilder?

Andy: I have to say Tom Platz he was the first pro I met and a great ambassador to the sport for me. Lee Haney is a great athlete. I also have to give a big thanks to Dave Palumbo of rxmuscle.

GG: This concludes my interview with Andy as he headed to Kuwait to visit our troops. Doesn't surprise me from what I know about my friend Andy Haman. One thing I have learned from Andy Haman during this interview and the information I researched about him. Andy is very contributing to the community. Not just the bodybuilding community but to the general public. He loves to be inspirational and set standards as a role model.