GRF1-29/GHRP-2 serum GH test!


Feb 15, 2013
Well in continued effor to help as much as i can on this board i decided to do some serum tesing of GH levels post peptide administration. We have seen quite a bit on synthetic GH and there is a lot of speculation of how much peptide is equivalent to how many IUs of GH etc but no testing as far as i know has been done on this board at least to see how different combo of pepetides affect serum GH levels. Now this protocol is different than injectable GH because you definitely need to be fasting. Having carbs/fats within a 2hour time causes somatostatin to prevent or markedly reduce release of GH from the pituitary. Also, the timins is different. WHen you inject peptides most studies or research shows that serum GH peaks at 30-40min mark. This is because you are not waiting for the synthetic GH to spread from injection site evenly throughout the blood. Within minutues of pituitary receiving the signal from peptides it does pretty much dump the GH immediately into blood stream so testing time is different.

Some of this was also because of the Egrifta (tesamorelin) approval by FDA and the crazy high dosage of single compound they used (2mg daily) to achieve results. We know that single use of a GHRH without the use of a GHRP at the same time does not release nearly as much GH as a combo does hence why they had to use such as high dosage to get meaninful results. Even in aftermarket prices using 2mg daily of tesamorelin makes it more expensive than GH from one of our reputable sponsors such as Mexi or TP.

This test was NOT do determine which brand works or does not and I do not want to get in to that at this time. This was more as an investigation to see if we can see a marked GH serum rise with peptide administration that we can put our finger on. I am sure at some point memebers will start to test different brands/dosages and combinations and post them accordingly but this is not the purpose of this test so please do ask for source of peptide.

To make sure everyone is clear i have been off GH for 5 weeks now. I like to run GH for 3-4months and off approx 1 month. I am only on TRT dosage of testosterone along with folli and Myo HMP. I am not on any other hormones of any kinds and not taking any AIs. So this is how the test went:

1) Yesteday fasting since 11pm the night before
2) Inject 500mcg of Mod GRF1-29 and 250mcg of GHRP-2 SubQ
3) Draw serum GH exactly 40min after injection

I know traditionally most people use the 100mcg/100mcg method but i somehow dont buy into 100mcg being the max dose and maxing out the receptor theory. Hence why tesamorelin worked a hell of a lot better at 2mg than it does at quarter of a dose. And so everyone is clear GHRH is a 44 amino acid chain. We know that the last 15 amino acids are completely useless. This is why the last 15 amino acids were cleaved and we came up with Sermorelin. Of course sermorelin was too short acting so different companies did different amino acid substitutions to make the half life longer. In order for Merck to make their product branded and make money they added the 15 amino acid chain and added a hexonyl group to make it last 8 hours and bam money in pocket.

So i used a pretty high dose but still significantly less than 2mg of any peptide to see what we get. I am sure in the future i can use less or more to see if my response changes. To make a long story short i was quite shocked and pleased with the results. My serum GH came at 12.8!

That is pretty awesome. To keep things in check in the recent Mexi Blacktop test testers were injecting 10iu of GH and their levels were 16-21 amongst the tests i have seen so far. So to get a level of 12.8 with just 750mcg of total peptides this is more equivalent to 4-5iu of GH at least. The best part is that this is your own GH so there are no antibody formation. There are many questions that stil remain such as:

1) Would i get similar results using less dosage such as 100/100mg? I dont know but i will try that at some point
2) Would i get even higher results if i used 1mg of GRF1-29 with 500mcg of GHRP-2. I do have to add that at the 250mcg of GHRP-2, i ate everything in my kitchen after the blood draw lol
3) Because of the hunger side effect of GHRP-2, i would next like to try a combo of GRF1-29/Ipamorelin to see what king of results i get.

But no matter what i am super excited to get this level of GH rise with compounds that are pretty inexpensive and possibly even safer :)


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