Ostagain, SRC, Maxim IGF-LR3


Feb 15, 2013
Ostagain, SRC, Maxim LR3

Analysis for Maxim, Osta and SRC were done and results posted on same spec sheet for direct comparison. And i can say that they all look pretty good. Some better than others but i will go thru that detail in a little bit. The Mass Spec on all three appear on a single sheet. Let me give everybody some further clarification on Mass Spec. This is not a quantitative test meaning the height of the curve means NOTHING as far as how much product is there. So if a peak is higher than another does not mean that there is more of that compound than one that has a smaller or taller peak. Hope that makes sense. Mass spec allows you to find how PURE your compound is and if there are other proteins with different target weights in the same sample.

All four LR3 tested have small peak in the 4500 range area. That is EXPECTED. MALDI TOF measures particles in single charged particles and since our target weight is 9111 daltons some couples charged particles will show up 9100/2= ~4500 range. The key factor is that if you had and could make a 100% pure LR3 you would have a single tall peak at 9111 and nothing else. We see that with SRC. There are no peaks anywhere else below or above 9111. With Osta's LR3 we see peaks 7000,9100 and 9400 range. The 9400 rang peak is similar to same 9400 peak as in Maxim (even though it looks taller it is meaningless) and Extreme that we tested last week. This is for sure from Histidine that was uncleaved in the final process. The % appears very small because the amino acid analysis looks good on all samples. The only issue that Ostas LR3 had that none of the other 3 had was that there was a peak at 7000. That is a compound that is not IGF-1, DES or LR3. So it is either degraded LR3 that has broken down to smaller weights but it is a little unlikely cause then we should have peaks in other places besides 7000. Maxim's mass spec looked very good same as Extreme we did last week. It has a nice peak at 9100 area and a tiny peak at 9400 due to histidine being attached that shows up in the amino acid analysis.


Now this is SRC's AAA: The percentages of each amino acid is within range and overall looks very good. This was the only sample that had 0.0% histidine. The only issue was that there was only approximately 0.8mg of product which is 20% short of advertised amount.


This is Osta's AAA. The amino acid percentages look spot on and had minor histidine like all the others. The only issue was that it had approx 0.73mg of total protein in the vial.


This is Maxim's AAA. It also looked very good with minimal Histidine attached and has 0.95mg of total protein attached. Both the Extreme and Maxim LR3 in analysis looked pretty identical. Phil mentioned under the IGF thread yesterday that his source is exact same and it is good to get confirmation through the lab on how close they were after MassSpec and amino acid analysis.


My thoughts:

First i am pretty impressed that we even had any damn LR3 in any of these vials cause i was very skeptical to begin with despite the source. I do not think any of them are "bad." I think it is matter of good or better. I have already contacted OstaPresident and sent him the raw data and have even offered to setup so he can send a vial directly to lab for analysis. I dont want anyone to think there are any fishy stuff going on.

SRC by pure analysis looks very good however the fact that they are the most expensive out of the bunch and had only 0.8mg which is about 20% short of advertised makes them great but very pricey. You pretty much have to add 20% to their price to get a real price on what 1.0mg would cost.

I think Extreme, Maxim and Purchase Peptide have a great product. We know for sure we have LR3 and pretty much as close as to 1.0mg as you can get. The histidine is very small when you look at % of amino acid involved. The lab tells me less then 5-8% may be His-tagged. So even if you subtract 8% from 0.95mg you still end up with more LR3 that is untagged and probably at a better price. It was revealed and confirmed by Extreme that Ergo's USA LR3 is the same as Extreme and they buy from exact same source so i did not want to spend another $400 to test the exact same product again since Extreme's tested so good.

Osta unfortunately had the peak at 7000 which neither lab or i can explain and had only 0.73mg of total protein in the vial. I am hoping they discuss this with their manufacturer and come back with a better batch to test or we can re-do the test if they would like.

Please do not turn this into mud slinging etc. The data is clear and evident. If you have direct questions about interpretations of the data etc please feel free to ask and i will respond.

At this point my job with LR3 is done. I think there are a lot of great options out there. I would like to turn my attention to DES. In my humble opinion, DES is even a better compound than LR3 but much more difficult to produce. We are completely out of funds for Des testing. If members would like to donate it would be great so we can do similar testing for DES. These tests normally cost $1000-1500 per sample but due to my pharma connections, the lab is doing it at cost which comes to ~400 when counting shipping. If members would like to donate please message me so i can send you paypal address so we can carry same testing with DES.


Jan 12, 2006
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This is great info! Helps to keep the sponsors quality control in check.

I only wish the same could be done for gear too. Would be great to be able to see what they are offering in the way of quality.

Can't wait to see more of these done!


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Dec 8, 2012
Hey alpha, didnt you test ergo's as well i thought? or is that the des thats up and coming?


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Oct 26, 2012
Great info here and definitely makes me feel comfortable in purchasing lr3 again cause like you Alpha I was skeptical.